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As applications come in, send each candidate a form postcard or an e-mail message to say you've received their materials.
It is rather curious to me that e-mail evolved the way it did as essentially being sent as a postcard rather than a sealed letter.
He spent less than a few dollars on a postcard, some tomatoes or something and stamps.
The magic booth spun flattering postcard-sized shots nearly instantaneously.
His office, with its leather couches and postcard-worthy city views, was larger than many studio apartments.
The boys hold up postcard invitations and ask if we're going.
And then for many days he received no letters at all, not even a postcard, and the war kept squeezing in on him.
Indeed, the only obligation many offenders on probation must now fulfill is mailing a postcard that gives their home address.
Half-finished crossword puzzles or a stash of chocolate, a postcard he'd sent her or a cut-out recipe.
Behind the postcard-perfect images, however, lies a darker reality.
He preferred the ticket to the trip, the postcard to the place, the fragment to the whole.
There's a heart on the postcard, and she shot through the middle of it.
Working in pairs, ask students to send to the headmaster or principal the postcard that pops up at the end of virtual exhibit.
It has been one of the country's postcard images for decades, but all shots were taken by day.
It can take a month for a postcard to go from one city to the other.
Postcard permits are acceptable for scopes of work within the limits of any one of these categories.

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What goes by the name of love is banishment, with now and then a postcard from the homeland, such is my con... more
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