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Perhaps this is the fault of the postal service, but either way, it's a disappointment.
It was ordered by letter, and a postal order was enclosed.
But the optimal number of postal carriers with bachelor's degrees surely isn't zero.
But spores clearly seeped out through the weave of the envelopes, contaminating postal facilities and jumping to other mail.
Retrain the postal workers who will be unemployed soon.
Nominate your favorite postal code for coverage in this new magazine series.
We're visiting the weird, the funky, and the wonderful by zip and postal code.
In the coming months we'll look at other compelling zip and postal code locales.
We're visiting the weird, the funky, and the wonderful by postal code.
In the coming months we'll look at other compelling postal code locales.
One new postal delivery firm delivers to a smart locker.
We see this pattern repeating itself again and again, with technologies ranging from the postal service to e-mail.
Even airports and postal services would benefit: they could plan and schedule operations around weather conditions.
How the railways and the postal service ultimately adopted telegraphy in their own infrastructures is not.
The postal authorities had opened the card to find out who it was from.
The writing session was followed, for a long stretch of time, by a day job with the postal service.
Comment about postal stamps which writer regards as too cheerful.
They were for many decades the preferred site of a city's primary postal and telegraph offices.
Postal workers were protesting, and government telecom employees were demanding that the president step down.
For your letter to be considered, you must include your phone number and postal address.
Such determinations are made every day with respect to telephone and postal transactions.
Due to postal regulations, loose inserts may not be available in some markets.
Postal money orders are as secure, if not more so, than any other financial instrument.

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