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Lignins are especially ideal for pressure-sensitive adhesives such as those used on tape, postage stamps, and name tags.
The law also prevents the post office from raising postage fees faster than inflation.
But those didn't even offset the cost of postage, and the editor's salary was needed to pay for teaching instead.
For example, explain that your postage costs are high because you will be conducting a mail survey.
The last thing job candidates need to do is spend money they do not have on mechanical thank-you notes and postage.
One experimental propulsion system embeds thousands of tiny explosive charges in a piece of silicon the size of a postage stamp.
Collecting shoes is probably no more silly than collecting postage stamps or vintage teddy-bears.
Slap on an address tab and postage, and it should be good for mail and shipping with little or no preparation.
There are a lot of cheaply built new vacant houses in those markets, on postage-sized lots, driving down the value of all houses.
The finished devices are squares of paper roughly the size of postage stamps.
Products integrating these postage-stamp-sized memory devices will include playing cards paired with online games.
T he public impression is almost necessarily static: postage-stamp mutual devotion.
Most of them can pay to send books and magazines overseas, but not for postage to their offices or warehouses.
With its presses running nonstop, the bureau prints billions of dollars in paper money and billions of postage stamps annually.
The human nose contains a postage stamp-size smelling organ, called the olfactory epithelium, at the roof of the nasal cavity.
Postage stamps can be purchased by mail, at the supermarket, even from many bank cash machines.
The whole reduction of postage contemplated in this project, is exclusively confined to the single item of the ocean transit.
Your meter manufacturer will give you instructions for how to operate the meter and how to refill it with postage.
The mailer is responsible for proper postage payment.
Regardless of the method of postage payment you chose, if you mail in bulk you must pay an annual mailing fee.

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