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Have your mail held at the post office, forwarded or have it collected by a friend and held.
They built a new post office and she couldn't take her animals to work.
Other amenities at the facility include a post office, laundry facilities, car care center and one-hour photo service.
He slips bogus money orders into her mailbox to lure her to the post office, and pilfers a stack of her personal mail.
There is the post office, the church, the water tower and the fire station.
The park has no post office and will not mail or receive letters for visitors.
How the post office can lick other countries at their own game.
Letters poured into the post office by the hundreds.
There are two pubs, two churches, one school and a post office.
Think natural gas powered post office trucks and school buses, for instance.
It had a post office, a prescription desk, and a soda fountain.
The post office complains that it cannot recruit new postmen.
Sending a package meant waiting in long lines at the post office.
He opposed privatizing the post office, for instance.
Many of the companies being suspended are nothing more than a post office box and a ticker symbol.
Before you rush to the post office, check for spelling and grammatical errors.
The town's post office and a restaurant operate out of trailers.
Many of the seniors can no longer get a driver's license and depend on the carts to make the rounds to the doctor or post office.
The postmaster is the head of your local post office.

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Just across the Green from the post office is the county jail, seldom occupied except by some backwoodsman ... more
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