possessive in a sentence

Example sentences for possessive

Paleontologists are overly possessive of human fossils.
Cisco is picking up on that becoming dominant and possessive.
He loves to play with toys, and he is not possessive over them at all.
Later he starts to get weirder, and more possessive.
Of course, the possessive matriarch has become a cliche and a caricature customarily etched with warmly comic strokes.
From a watchful father figure he becomes a smarmy suitor and eventually a wildly jealous and possessive warden.
Name of the wage earner on whose record the overpayment happened, possessive case.
For instance, possessive apostrophes are rarely used.

Famous quotes containing the word possessive

1946: I go to graduate school at Tulane in order to get distance from a "possessive" mother. I see a lot of... more
The narcissistic, the domineering, the possessive woman can succeed in being a "loving" mother as long as t... more
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