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It possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons.
The successful candidate possesses a strong background in mathematics and demonstrated excellence as an instructor.
But it also possesses a second property, called spin.
It's mere cultural myth as cure to some illness and possesses magical powers.
When people are led to believe that an object possesses one gender or another, it changes how they relate to that object.
The future of the web and all the potential it possesses.
Yet every social category also possesses a center of gravity.
He possesses the approximate physique of a stick figure.
Figuring out which genes are important would be easier, though, if scientists knew what kinds of genes the salamander possesses.
Historically, no counter-insurgency succeeds as long as the resistance possesses safe havens in neighboring countries.
At the same time either would give much to have what the other possesses.
They want a president who possesses the administrative qualifications they perceive will translate into good leadership.
Peer-review possesses other merits, the foremost being the ability to filter out dross.
Retains long memories and social ties possesses a sense of self.
The message can only be decrypted with the private key, which only the intended recipient possesses.
It also possesses a mythical power that seems to inspire other artists.
Compare that to menstrual blood, which has yet to even become an umbilical cord, and thus possesses far less limitations.
Port-au-Prince gets the lion's share of all revenues, and possesses about all the infrastructure.
They are fear and the resulting physical tension that prevent him from playing his cello with the genius he possesses.
It is more worrisome if one possesses a penny that is blank on one side.
Rough endoplasmic reticulum is a system of membranes that possesses ribosomes.
Yet she lacks two qualities that her husband possesses in spades.
Still, it possesses an almost preternatural element that enables it to remain fun even in the face of such mounting frustration.
Collective learning is the ability to share our knowledge beyond the life spans of any given human who possesses it.
But when an idea is sold, the seller still possesses it and can sell it over and over again.
Rosie possesses sensors that alert her to abrupt edges.
Technology can be great but it possesses so many vulnerabilities to malfunction.
He still possesses a formidable technique that can manage anything and his tone is capable of striking contrasts.
The only strength their movement possesses is what it derives from the property it has stolen.
He also possesses the serenity of someone who has gotten what he wants.
His face possesses gentle features, but it is sickly pale.
Wirtz also possesses a virtuoso knowledge of plants and flowers.
Being educated doesn't mean one becomes infallible or possesses good judgment.
Maes possesses an incredible drive and an insatiable curiosity.
Cutting possesses a sense of dignity and of history.
It has been distilled into baseless celebrity commentary on subject matter the ethicist possesses no experience in.
Unless someone possesses the cash necessary to buy a residence, he or she will be renting one way or another.
No demon or magus possesses him, no enchantment holds him.
Any section whose support is necessary to success possesses a veto on the candidate.
The movie accordingly possesses an uncommon gravitas that immediately draws viewers into the story.
Material reality discovered by science already possesses more content and grandeur than all religious cosmologies combined.
And he said that his guiding principal was that one only possesses what one can give.
Some jobs have fairly low requirements, and others require the kind of knowledge the neurosurgeon possesses.
Some of the vineyard's pedigree comes through, but this uninspiring, medium-bodied wine possesses little depth or length.
And this element possesses the remarkable power of converting starch into sugar, which is the first step in its digestion.
Possesses a sense of urgency and the ability to communicate this to the team.
Yet he also possesses a powerful, unpredictable criticism.
Nearly everything on view possesses similarly obdurate dignity.
Each letter writer possesses an eccentric style, recognizable at a glance.
The small size of the range belies the number of climbing challenges it possesses.
He possesses tremendous hands and a knack for getting open, while his speed is above-average for his position.
Some people believe the mud possesses healing properties for skin diseases.
Whatever larger narrative movement it possesses is constantly impeded, dammed up, clogged.
Speaker three will, however, list qualities the candidate possesses that make him qualified for the presidency.
Matt is funny, wry, and has a sort of jaded charisma that none of us possesses.
He is driven not by the aggregate amount of debt he possesses but by the amount of the payment.
He possesses the third term he so desired and yet he seems not to know what to do with it.
Adder-hipped and puff-lipped, he possesses a beauty that seems almost fanged.
Of course, no actual judge possesses such a supernatural reasoning ability.
Paradoxically, discovering this relies on the fact that not everyone possesses it to the same degree.
Possesses basic knowledge of the identification, evaluation, and management of historic resources.
The spring and flare that our team usually possesses was not there.
Any successful shooter possesses confidence but no conscience.
It would be a mistake, at this delicate juncture, to prejudge whether he possesses them.
From them, it derives whatever shadow of substance it possesses.
The cells are granular in appearance, and each possesses a clear oval nucleus.

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