positron in a sentence

Example sentences for positron

The electron's antimatter counterpart, known as a positron, carries a positive charge.
The photograph is a record of the radiation given off in the electron-positron annihilations.
Now take an electron and the positron, think of them as mirror image's of each other.
There is no further discussion of the detected positron source.
Smash a positron and an electron and you get two or more gamma rays.
When a positron encounters its regular opposite, an electron, both are destroyed in a shower of new particles.
The result is that the electron shadow and the positron shadow are separated.
The collision converts the proton into a positron, the antimatter counterpart of an electron, and a recoiling neutron.
For example, a powerful electric field can generate electron-positron pairs in a vacuum.
Sodium-22 is a positron-emitting isotope with a remarkably long half-life.
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