positivity in a sentence

Example sentences for positivity

Being sensitive doesn't mean one doesn't have positivity.
The pivotal difference between those with and without resilient personalities was the positivity of their emotions.
How to deny the negatives in your life, increasing your positivity.
It isn't, but it's a model of simplicity and unfussy positivity, which is the band's real signature.
Their morning peak of positivity happened two hours after everyone else and they didn't have a second peak at night.
The blind positivity is even worse than the insults.
There was a certain positivity that they craved, and it went against my grain not to point out what they weren't doing well.
Every so often, in times of pessimism and anxiety, it's refreshing to hear a good old-fashioned paean to positivity.
It's his positivity and his ways to motivate an athlete, to bring out the best in an athlete.
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