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More sales, more algorithm-fueled recommendations, and the positive feedback loop kicked in.
The relationship between investment and the overall economy is what an engineer would call a positive feedback loop.
However, the positive feedback effect of albedo changes would remain.
Dong's results suggest that inflammation and insulin resistance reinforce each other via a positive feedback loop.
The idea has been getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback in the hydrogen community and blogosphere.
The positive feedback from warming of tundra will accelerate the rate of heating.
There are few examples of positive feedback mechanisms in nature for the simple fact that they are unstable.
But even a small increase in temperature may trigger positive feedback mechanisms that will trigger runaway global warming.
Or, alternatively, positive feedback mechanisms that they overlooked that will make their prediction a vast vast under estimate.
Many of the quietest students have simply never had any positive feedback in school.
It is a positive feedback caused by the fact that morals have a connection with drive.
HP spent a record sum of money on this campaign, and the positive feedback was enormous.
It is based on this positive feedback of the appreciation of the price attracting speculators.
The darker side then absorbed more sunlight, making it warmer and increasing the rate of sublimation in a positive feedback cycle.
Positive feedback defeats calculus when unlimited magnification does not smooth a trajectory, hence numerical solutions.
Within the workshop it also involves positive feedback.
And there was strongly positive feedback from consumers, he added, in the form of letters and comments online.
Positive feedback and multiple equilibria have to be taken seriously.
Tell family and friends your resolution so you'll feel accountable and maybe get some positive feedback.
Bright kids get good grades and prizes and lots of positive feedback from teachers and admiration from fellow students.

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