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Elsewhere, booze is sold only in windowless bars in posh hotels, or by bureaucratic state-owned firms.
If a big rig is too posh for you, you can sleep in a garbage truck.
The gathering boasted plenty of posh parties, high-flying political visitors and boozy nights out at blues bars.
The rooms are modern, immaculate, and relatively posh.
Wi-Fi hot spots are rolling out in airports, conference centers, posh hotels and trendy cafes where the well-heeled congregate.
The atmosphere is no more posh than that of any expensive dress salon, though the prices can be considerably higher.
Some neighborhoods can be small and tightly packed, so fairly posh places can abut areas with problems.
It is a short step from posh resorts to medical tourism.
The committee that planned the fountain featured the posh and the arty, not scientists or engineers.
The posh personality of the town extends onto the slopes as well, where tasty restaurants in mountain huts pepper the slopes.
The chipper was posh, too: scampi on the menu on the wall behind the counter.
There are a few specific fears that rich people in posh cities all over the world are experiencing right now.
The city has been reborn as a posh playground for tourists, including high-end boutiques, hotels and cafes.
Although posh and secluded, the compound's pale pink boxlike villas look altogether drab in this city of tycoons and high rollers.
After several hours of questioning he was charged with embezzlement and corruption, and then released to return to his posh hotel.
Many sensed an element of paternalism in the pokies proposal-posh people, after all, do their betting at the races.
She was dazzlingly famous more than she was posh, and she was adored.
The money would mainly go to fund a posh new military headquarters and ministry.
The palace's interior, with its posh toff's furnishings and six retainers, was even more extravagant.
It came with a chauffeured car, cooks and servants, perhaps a white bungalow in a posh neighborhood.
So come out for the day or an overnight stay at one of many cozy bed-and-breakfasts, posh hotels or anything in-between.

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