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Jaeger's head is aslant and his eyes jut forward in a pose both arrogant and dissolute.
They pose a question, and they give a satisfying answer.
The first is the idea that somehow computer achievements pose some sort of threat or challenge to human beings.
Tourists stop to pose with him for photographs or get an autograph.
Do new bank-capital requirements pose a risk to growth?
We all decided to get dressed in our best outfits and pose for the camera.
Gas stations can pose significant hazards to nearby residents.
At the first sitting he did a series of pencil drawings, catching Tammy in characteristically piquant poses.
These long controls will enable you to maneuver around and trip the shutter quickly when the dog is in a favorable pose.
Not surprisingly, the essay tends to demonstrate that far-reaching tasks pose insoluble dilemmas.
Just the other day, a van of Europeans on tour stopped to pose with her for pictures.
It also poses a dilemma, however.
Toxic household items also pose a danger to the environment.
His present pose is that of wounded honor and stern resolution.
At one point, a snowman is dragged into a studio and forced to pose with kittens-while not violent, it was certainly humiliating.
Some scientists also worry about the risks that farmed geoducks could pose to native populations.
It adds an emotional context to other facts which can allow us to pose some notions that the facts themselves do not support.
But there he was in that trite pose, feet in the air, as if arranged on the sink top for her to find him.
He has also fought against nuclear power plants and the risk that they pose.
She stopped cutting long enough to lift her arm to her eyes in a tragic pose.
Finally, he argued, inequality and the resulting lack of mobility pose a serious threat to economic growth.
Still, there are some highly dangerous and violent prisoners who pose a serious challenge to prison discipline and safety.
Paleontologists have found their sleeping beauty: the first dinosaur fossil discovered in a birdlike sleeping pose.
Researchers also use the application to display the movement of volcanic ash clouds, which can pose a serious threat to airplanes.
Yet they pose problems both familiar and unfamiliar.
They pose a real health threat, as far too many people have learned.
Obviously those not get immunized pose equal threats no matter the reasons given to not get vaccinated.
It's up to the people that pose the theory to prove it and in this cause they made an attempt to do that by fudging data.
And since the waves don't have the energy that x-rays do, they don't pose the health risks.
They all pose a risk or make it difficult for the user.
Taping into crust will cool some of the rocks surrounding it which might pose a problem in its self.
Asteroids and comets in nearby space pose a constant threat to our planet.
Undercover officers pose as construction workers to gather evidence of rooster fighting.
Pose the following questions, and see what students say about them.
The dust grains pose no serious threat to the planets.
Even known pieces of space junk can pose an unexpected threat to satellites.
We have all had the experience of trying to get the family or the ball team to pose for a picture.
But attacks on humans are rare, and scientists think the snakes pose minimal risks to humans.
Beyond such economic damage, however, rats pose health hazards.
The instantly, universally recognizable border seemed the best prompt to get the wildlife to strike a pose.
Medications used for arthritis or pain pose a particular danger for interaction with alcohol.
Some researchers suggest, however, that such bone loss is too slight to pose any significant risk for fracture.
Every problem can be solved if you have the right tools and enough time and you pose the correct questions.
Another problem for e-books that are not simultaneously published in print is that they pose a marketing challenge.
Typically, he adopts the pose of a drunken millionaire who has green to burn.
In other words, our pose of idiosyncratic uniqueness was a big charade.
The researchers found ways to pose more abstract questions as well.
So here, it says that radiation levels are nowhere near high enough to pose a health risk.
But it's not the enormous plastic patches that pose the biggest pollution problem.
And these solid systems pose disposal problems for a living system.
In turn, reorientation process depends on a pose of displacement the center.
There are far more possible answers to each question than the two you pose.
Forecasters were originally concerned that the deep snow would pose significant problems during the spring thaw.
Unless they avoid such elementary mistakes, a firm's own employees may pose the largest single risk to security.
Compound fractures, however-those that involve bones shattered into fragments-pose more of a challenge.
And rising commodity prices could pose the biggest threat of all.
It allows other parties to exist only provided they do not pose a real threat.
But mobile phones pose the biggest risk, for research shows that these gadgets distract in a more pernicious way.
Uncomfortably strong currencies and overheating economies pose an excruciating dilemma for policymakers.
Less cheerily, the travails of migration all too often pose a challenge to the traditional family.
The president must now put necessity aside and pose two fundamental questions.
Levels of some toxins in fish have declined, but others pose new risks.
And worries about safety, justified or not, pose risks to trade.
Thus the crisis would seem to pose little threat to the advancement of technical change in developing countries.
Intellectuals and bureaucrats might pose as champions of the people against the powerful.
Other long-term inflows also pose little threat to stability.
The catalogue models pose in normal clothes, which is less glamorous.
Almost to the last, too, he tried to pose as one of his people.
Regulators used to worry about the danger hedge funds might pose to their prime brokers.
There were numerous parodic representations of the monument, the photo, the pose.
They might even demand a higher interest rate, if they worry about the risk you pose as a borrower.
They pose a serious threat to cops and firefighters, not to mention occupants of the houses they're in.
If prisons grew too full, the parole board could release inmates who no longer seemed to pose a threat to public safety.
Most of the effects of progestins on the brain are beneficial, although some research has shown that they may pose some risks.
So did her husband, his cool public pose notwithstanding.
Such deeply personal decisions pose controversial questions about how and why human life has value.
The old pose of coolness is no longer so cool: the better move is to appear unthreatening.
Airport officials say the cracks pose no risk to planes landing or taking off.
Popular-price speakers will attend faculty luncheons or receptions, sign autographs and pose for photographs.
One implication, not entirely surprising, is that a job loss may pose an additional challenge.
Manure in stream may pose risk to the public's health.
Inconsistencies in the regulation of life settlements may pose challenges.
Additionally, walking, wading or even playing in flood waters might pose a potential hazard of drowning.
There is no real reason to pose as something you aren't or to hide your talents and true nature.

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