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Though he often dwells on his own character, Hamsun skillfully uses mannerisms to portray character generally.
Even religious texts portray both a loving and wrathful god and we use our conscience to decide which to follow.
But the style of portraying low-class character is full of interest.
But the media, at any rate, portray it as a point of national pride and as a huge stimulus to the economy and employment.
Maybe some of the museum animal poses were not trying to portray walking gaits.
Abu Dhabi has sought to portray itself as above this kind of thing: elegant, restrained and a little bit aloof.
This issue is much fuzzier than you portray it.
After all, one animal may represent a species; to portray it truly is to respect the species.
The female form is useful for some ideas, but the colossal male is better suited to the ghoulish ones I try to portray.
Indeed, some of his first dance paintings portray the audience and orchestra as prominently as the ballerinas onstage.
The sagas, on the other hand, portray the settlers in a favorable light.
Ask them to report on the ways the brochures portray the region.
The illustrations also vividly portray certain events in the story, making it easier to understand.
People in film are paid to portray an image regardless of their true feelings.
The lunatic fringe group throws their weight around quite a bit, and desperately wants to portray themselves as the majority.
Even straining my creative powers to the limit, clearly there was no way to portray this as cutting-edge science.
Officials often portray the global expansion of deadly drone strikes as an unequivocal success.
The novel is an aesthetic rendering that would portray a public figure interpretively no less than the portrait on an easel.
Each stage is a new act in life, and each one requires the player to portray a more complex and exigent role.
Both portray universally accepted, card-carrying geniuses in moments of offstage intimacy.
So far during the trial, both sides have tried to portray their clients as sympathetic characters.
Others will portray smart grids and dynamic pricing as evil government tools to spy on citizens and tax them.
They are human, and it's not surprising that dramatists would portray their failings as well as their triumphs.
These images portray an otherworldly place that somehow feels familiar.
New ads portray extreme examples of bad service to highlight its own focus on treating customers better.
Others are recalibrating messages to portray themselves as an affordable place to visit.
Producers say it's their responsibility to portray the whole story.
His findings portray an extreme lack of confidence in the reactor's ability to contain pressure in case of a meltdown.
It is this sense of loss that the film's director wanted to portray.
Some captions and images portray ceremonial rituals and objects that were not intended for viewing by the uninitiated.

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