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Example sentences for portly

So there he was, a portly septuagenarian sunk deep in a leather chair.
He may have been more portly than the statue shows him, though.
His portly figure and ruddy face suggest that he is no stranger to either of these items.
Our waiter fit the stereotype-handlebar moustache, long white apron wrapped around a portly waist-and apparently so did we.
First, the portly chap slaps the monitor in frustration.
These mice have eaten about two-thirds as many calories as their portly peers.
There is an increasing number of portly heroines in fiction.
Far from being portly and slow moving, he was a wiry little guy, no more than five feet tall.
Generally speaking, dolphin bodies are leaner, and porpoises' are portly.
The portly volunteer would have used only half as many fat-derived calories as his lean counterpart.

Famous quotes containing the word portly

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