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Example sentences for portend

Over the crowns of the cypress, towers of blue-black cumulus portend a storm.
The two clown around; they exchange fragments of thoughts that portend more than they state.
The combination does not portend huge numbers.
Very kind of you to lay out the options of what the symptoms can portend.
That's good news for homeowners in trouble, but it's unlikely to portend fewer foreclosures in the long-run.
This data is unsurprising but it doesn't portend much of anything.
Aesthetically this is not bad at all, but in practical terms it may portend disaster.
And rising incomes typically portend higher consumer spending, which makes up about 70% of the economy.
The judge's ruling could portend problems for other banks that are defendants in similar cases.
There is certainly nothing about her pudgy cheeks that could be said to portend the fragile facial contours of a ballerina.
The drops probably don't portend a collapse in mobile communication.
Changes in the composition of the gas mix can portend an eruption.
But moving from the jaded north to the dynamic south does not portend an easy future.
But the act of choosing a new president is a political affair, which can portend new alliances and shifts in political direction.
Corporate bond rates keep rising, portend defaults.
Not all psychological and emotional disorders portend violence, even in society's eyes.

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These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us.... more
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