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Accustomed to portal environments, subscribers misunderstand requests for information at individual sites.
We've become a major portal for all kinds of students to enter higher education.
GM is saying that it intends to keep control of the portal rather than spin it off in a public offering.
So, a magazine for the moneyed plans a gilded portal.
Your radiologist will use the stent to connect your portal vein to one of your hepatic veins.
First, it is much cheaper to support a web portal than a brick-and-mortar school.
It will surely come-certainly on the educational portal the government is planning.
Orders flow through a web portal and bids can be solicited from pre-qualified suppliers.
High-profile political bloggers create a portal highlighting the day's hottest content.
It accompanies the hepatic artery, ramifying upon its branches, and upon those of the portal vein in the substance of the liver.
Advertisers should upload and submit files directly to our ad portal, which provides online preflight and approvals.
We injected the cells back into his portal vein and they took up home in the liver and the guy was fine.
Then go through the portal to the store, fill up your shopping cart, and checkout using your gift cards.
We're considering a portal, which might provide opportunities for collaboration, but again kinda old school.
The lab will pool the proposals-submitted through an online portal-for review by a board of library officials.
Probably a shrine for traveling merchants, the cave was likely seen as a portal to the underworld.
However, it offers less flexibility with respect to the portal design and limited support.

Famous quotes containing the word portal

I stand by your portal, a white pillar, luminous.... more
Little scavenger away, touch not the door, beat not the portal down.... more
Over me the wind swirls. I have stood on your portal and I know you are further than this, still further on... more
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