portability in a sentence

Example sentences for portability

It represents a trend towards portability and miniaturization as our technology gets better.
It would fit right in in almost any backyard and the portability helps distribute the fertilizer.
Books on paper have the great advantage of portability and easy access.
One key and ambitious innovation was the idea of portability.
In the end, though, openness in technology is essentially about portability and ownership.
It offers the convenience and portability of cash, but more so.
But that even still leaves open the portability of it being an enemy that is not yet an enemy to run a candidate.
Among other reasons, oil has been valuable because of its portability as a concentrated source of energy.
The portability of star knowledge workers' performance.
Portability and shelf life are as important as flavor and nutrition.
Theo, the purpose is the portability- everyone knows you can go to a library.
The best cruise fashion combines attractiveness, function and easy portability.
The portability and accountability act is one of those steps.
HAs should use these fee rates to determine billing amounts for portability activities.
Data portability is a rapidly growing movement among cloud-computing supporters.
But granny typically plays from home, where portability isn't really a concern.
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