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Discusses the area's shift from a major shipping port to a place known for leisure and entertainment.
Boat owners may want to take their vessels out to sea if there is time and they are allowed to do so by port authorities.
So I live in a dorm on my college campus and they have special issued wireless routers with certain ports blocked.
There is a lot of activity in this port.
The golden flan, kissed with port, melts in your mouth.
Meanwhile, out on the horizon, frustrated commercial fishermen head for port on boats with empty nets and holds.
Alaska's ferocious mosquitoes shouldn't bother you too much on board, but carry insect repellent for port calls.
Thirty-three days later, the ship returned to a port in northern Chile.
Cable the bridge to the television's Ethernet port.
Another scar on his chest marks the spot where surgeons implanted a small port to deliver chemotherapy.
The computer lacks an ethernet port or memory card slot.
In the end, the port was completed and published to the iTunes store.
Much of the output of that economy flows through two enormous port complexes.
Ground-fishing, sardine-processing and a busy deepwater port have all had their day.
But its sales are held back by the lack of port capacity.
Despite the global slump, congestion is not letting up, says the director of the company that runs the privatised port.
The captain orders the main ballast tanks blown, and the submarine erupts from the depths lying on its port side.
The fish was towed to port where it was measured and apparently weighed.
It became a booming river port as steamships heading up or down the river stopped for supplies.
With no deepwater port, this was a backwater economy.
When the ship made port, some of the fish were sold before the government could stop it.
They sailed within ten yards of the mainland on the port side, trying to edge into the harbor without tacking again.
When all this is done and the officer at the port of arrival is notified of his certain departure, his bond is surrendered.
If a rig is unable to drill because of equipment malfunction or maintenance work at port, it earns nothing.
Any member of the crew who mutinies is put off at the first port of call.
Drill a port on the edge and weld on a pipe tangent to the edge.
Huge factory trawlers are hoovering up fish, then processing and canning them even before returning to port.
Walters scoffs at the notion that she has become every troubled celebrity's first port in a storm.
Writer visits the seaport and talks to the acting port administrator.
Simultaneously the combustion chamber draws in the contaminated mixture as exhaust gases are expelled through an exhaust port.

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