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To pore over these objects is to be repeatedly astounded by the level of design and technical achievement.
Asked to read a manuscript, you pore over every word.
But the figures that officials and pundits pore over are not those of opinion polls.
She captured the image as the cell crept into a pore on a laboratory filter to illustrate how cancer cells move.
We go to conferences and meetings, pore over other publications, and routinely confer with our researcher sources and authors.
Pore over maps of the region so you can familiarize yourself with the locations of these remote sites.
As you pore through feature lists, you'll likely come across a lot of specs.
And they get to pore over math problems one-on-one with newly hired tutors, many of them former accountants and engineers.
Downstairs, visitors pore over planning applications, with staff on hand to help.
The oil and gas sits within the pore spaces of rock.
Gas is released through a pore in the bottom of its float, which is refilled through secretions from a special gland.
The second part is a segment that determines whether the pore will open or close.
Model makers had to pore over numerous prospective building plans to accurately depict the forward-looking cityscape.
We will miss the intensity, brilliance and energy that seeped from his every pore.
It can decode the structure of proteins and can look deep into every pore in a moon rock.
Many students pore over these ratings when choosing courses and colleges.
While the experts pore over their plans for clusters and hubs, a couple of genuine entrepreneurs have shown the way.
For hours each day he would pore over catalogues, talk to dealers and visit galleries.
As investigators pore over his holdings, they might look in one other place as well: his secret island.
Today, of course, popular culture bleeds from every pore.
They are not so good for devoted fans who want to pore over everything a group puts out.
In the control room technicians pore over second-by-second readings of the levels of different pollutants in the exhaust.
Consumers would be forced to record every purchase they make and pore over monthly bank statements.
Though there is little explicit bloodshed, the film shows a readiness for violence in every pore.
Music professors, therapists and aspiring composers pore over his work.
They pore over data and information as if finding meaning was best achieved through the process of elimination.
Stats junkies can pore over the data for themselves in the image below.
Semiotics students will pore over it for years to come, but casual readers will simply enjoy it for its dark beauty.
She tried toners, pore cleansers, eye creams and masks of egg yolk and witch hazel.
Each pore is an opening to a follicle, which contains a hair and an oil gland.
In a closed-pore material, gases or liquids can not enter the pore without breaking the pore walls.

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