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It also no doubt helped facilitate the population explosion of the past century.
The result has been a consumer credit explosion that makes the population explosion seem small by comparison.
We are no more distressed at their proliferation than an owl is at a population explosion among field mice.
Butler says the study uncovered several possible factors behind the population explosion.
The sudden presence of abundant food should cause a population explosion, and it has.
We are not part of the long term population explosion.
Finally the primary cause of all our problems is the current population explosion.
It was the underlying cause of the hedge-fund population explosion.
More dramatic inevitabilities are the explosions, the scientific explosion, and the population explosion.
Farming brought a population explosion, protein and vitamin deficiency, new diseases and deforestation.
Our continued population explosion goes unchecked even though our resources are reaching an unsustainable level.
Next, the population explosion is also turning out to be a bugaboo.
Above all, the exaggeration of the population explosion leads to a form of misanthropy that comes dangerously close to fascism.
Rich countries certainly aren't those responsible for the population explosion that necessitates more food.
The real problem is the imminent population explosion.
Audiences had yet to be exposed to uncountable half hours of sitcoms or to the population explosion among stand-up comics.
They under went a population explosion and infested tributaries of the bay.
The population explosion is impacting habitat throughout its migration range.
No one imagined the population explosion which followed.
The development of resistance has contributed the to the current bed bug population explosion.
Great changes in community structure have occurred where exotic plants have invaded and gone through a population explosion.
The elderly population explosion is a result of impressive increases in life expectancy.
With economic and population explosion, comes logistical and commuting challenges.
As a result of the population explosion, the water was polluted and disease was a constant threat.
The result is the population explosion you have noticed in your neighborhood.

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We in the West do not refrain from childbirth because we are concerned about the population explosion or be... more
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