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Not least because of its gigantic population, some observers have started to talk of Facebook in terms of a country.
He points out that population growth is not a purely independent factor; it is high wherever health and education are poor.
Driving the changes are environmental fluctuations and population growth.
About 80 percent of the population speaks French as a first language.
But a report published on February 1st announces an even bigger challenge for the economy: a population explosion.
Interspersed among the teens' narratives are the author's perceptive evaluations of this alienated population.
This has meant that population numbers for wild cheetahs are falling faster than for other big cats.
By 794, the population of Frankfurt was estimated to be around 1000.
The westward flow of population would have been far more sluggish.
The rich world's population is ageing fast, and the poor world is only a few decades behind.
Natural enemies reduce the loopers population but may not provide adequate control at certain times of the year.
At the commencement of this government, our population amounted to about four millions.
But a brief glance at our proscribed population is needed to give background and tone to the picture.
There it frowns all day in the midst of a sickened population.
Human population has increased dramatically over the last few centuries.
Explosive population growth is driving human evolution to speed up around the world, according to a new study.
Attendees plan to discuss the role that the population plays in meeting the nation's college-completion agenda.
The world's population is becoming increasingly concentrated.
Metropolitan regions are now home to the majority of the population.
We strive to employ individuals who possess the skills necessary to effectively educate a diverse population of learners.
If a population is homogeneous, then it can only present a single uniform defense against this stress.
Conventional wisdom says they ignore this growing population at their peril.
Third, restructure eligibility requirements for need-based aid to make it available to certain subsets of the prison population.
The population is, tipping the scale now at nearly seven billion people.
Scientists are trying to increase this captive population, though not for reintroduction purposes.
Genetics is now being brought to bear on whether there were non-trivial population movements in the prehistorical period.
But that does not mean that they are trivial when it comes to giving us information about population structure.
Selection was driven by higher-order moments of population structure, not relatedness.
That's below the rate of population growth, which is to say that in per capita terms output continues to shrink.
Archaeologists have linked the change to population growth and a wider variety in diet.
As the world's population grows, commercially fixed nitrogen fertilizers are essential for agriculture.
As more and more interbreeding occurs, the smaller population will eventually disappear.
The largest study of a tiger population has yielded a rare bit of good news for the highly endangered cats.
The tourist industry is also booming, resulting in new construction and an increasing human population.
Now that there's no need to vaccinate anyone, the entire global population is vulnerable to smallpox.
There are vast slums of dirt roads and shanties and a conspicuous homeless population in the heart of downtown.
Clouded leopards are so secretive that their current range can only be guessed at and population estimates vary widely.
Intermarriage was common, new towns sprang up to accommodate the increased population, and various religions blended together.
As their population explodes, so does their genetic diversity.
Population genomics is expanding our knowledge of human diversity.
Cartels that form by collusion are illegal and clearly not in the interests of the general population.
More than half the world's population currently lives in urban areas.
At the same time, the population in these areas has grown dramatically.
The benefits of capitalism spread more widely among the population.
And you will be able to do that for almost every stem cell population.
Another big problem, whose solution is harder to imagine, has to do with the world's aging population.
Such an expansion must be closely linked with expansion in population, environmental impact, and the consumption of resources.
When clouds appear, the street population drops by half.
But it's probably a small population of people who are really into food.
It's important to understand the job losses of this industry in a context of the total population.
But that describes no more than a sixth of the total college population.
Countries where hunger is widespread are frequently blamed, moreover, for allowing excessive population growth.
The future of the sparse population which has remained in the disaster areas is in ashes.
Devising his wise policies with the help of experts and technocrats, he simply imposed them on the population.
Fraternity brothers aside, few segments of the population have more nicknames than professional athletes.
Indeed, nervous rulers have been less keen to offer real reform than simply to bribe the population into quiescence.
The blue line above indicates the target population for each ward after redistricting.
Projections illustrate possible courses of population growth.
School enrollment captures the population who report being enrolled in a regular school.

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