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The beguiling simplicity of crêpes is the secret of their lasting popularity.
Worldwide popularity is in fact the sole downside of operating an icon.
Now, the gap has closed, though her party remains well ahead of all others in popularity.
What it sought was a reliable way of measuring popularity to ensure that advertisers were paying enough.
One consequence has been a dramatic rise in the popularity of brain-training games.
Yet six months on, her grip is weakening and her popularity has fallen.
But she no longer tops the popularity charts, as she did under the grand coalition.
One explanation for their popularity is that investors get a big bang for their buck.
But the increasing popularity of these unpaid placements has caused some controversy lately.
However, the calm on the bond market stands at odds with evidence of the popularity of commodities as a hedge against inflation.
The magazine achieved great popularity, and is said for a time to have brought its owner large financial returns.
It at once gained the heights of popularity and was translated into many languages.
With all this engrossing business on his hands, he found time to achieve an immense personal popularity.
He that seeks popularity in art closes the door on his own genius: as he must needs paint for other minds, and not for his own.
He wrote over one hundred volumes besides innumerable short stories, and their popularity has never since been equalled.
Its popularity is attested by the existence of the music to which it was sung in the first half of the thirteenth century.
He gained great popularity, but it did not spread beyond his own race.
But in the main his popularity depends on the excellence and the limits of his achievement.
The popularity of this bulky work is proved by the number of its editions during twenty years.
Short-term trips, which had been growing in popularity, accounted for the bulk of the declines.
Its popularity is definitely not only, or even mainly, a matter of time-saving efficiency.
The popularity of problem-solving pedagogy was clear and unsurprising.
After all, if the site is basically a popularity contest, then it involves a certain narcissism to pay so much attention to it.
Good student evaluations are often evidence of popularity among students.
The popularity of abstracts among older researchers rather gives the game away.
Yet despite the rising popularity of osteopathic medicine, many people are not familiar with it.
Tackling students' binge drinking might risk our professorial popularity ratings.
Asking how the dissertation is coming along is not the best way to ensure popularity.
These critics say it is bad for morale and promotes popularity contests among professors.
The empire style of dress is evidently gaining in popularity.
Even those who scorn the set's popularity acknowledge its mathematical significance.
Now being picked up by theaters and growing in popularity.
Elections are popularity contests which keep the electorate at a long distance from the candidates.
The popularity of orchids culminates in spring displays that pull in huge crowds.
The concept of rapid-fire dating has gained tremendous popularity, spreading to cities all over the world.
It has to go beyond basic algorithmic suggestions based on popularity.
Most city residents use small hatchbacks, while hybrid vehicles are quite common and rapidly gaining in popularity.
It is a social beverage, certainly, which contributes to its ongoing popularity today.
The rise of snowshoe racing parallels the rise in popularity of snowshoeing.
In the postwar era, the laws restricting margarine's coloration began to lift and it gained in popularity.
The rise in popularity of the national parks attracted travelers who demanded more campsites.
The decline in the popularity of fur has left few full-time trappers.
But the popularity of the caviar has exacted a heavy ecological toll.
Its popularity has waxed and waned through the years.
Organic skin care is increasing in popularity due to concern about potentially harmful ingredients in commercial beauty products.
Professional bull riding has skyrocketed in popularity in the last ten years.
But as the range's popularity has increased, so has the quality of nearby accommodations.
Running with the bulls began to grow in popularity, despite efforts to stop it.
Some of the tree sitters use the event's popularity to advance their charitable causes.
Chocolate's popularity sparked the spread of cacao cultivation.
But rapid growth and popularity with visitors can place stress on communities.
As mistletoe's popularity surged, it gave rise to commercial growers.
But in fact these were dance bands, and they earned their popularity by generating or skillfully responding to dance crazes.
But the phenomenal popularity of the movie also helped the study of sharks, researchers say.
There are several reasons for the growing popularity of scarification.
The park's popularity causes usage conflicts, none more notorious than snowmobiling.
Some scientists see deeper reasons for pandas' popularity.
She quickly gained fame and popularity for her paintings of rural farm life.
In the meantime, the pandas' popularity should give a much-needed boost to the fortunes of their wild cousins.
Explain that religions have gained or lost popularity over time for a variety of reasons.
As vacation rentals gain popularity, online sites increase listings.
Reindeer website's popularity a surprise to creator.
Extreme snow games promote high risk, high popularity.
SF mayor rides wave of popularity into election.
The soaring popularity of cruising is easy to understand.
The new product is having a landslide in popularity.
Sports teams often go through sharp swings in popularity.
His popularity, indeed, it would be impossible to exaggerate.
Increased popularity of the game at home has resulted in higher tournament popularity as well.
Movies were priced according to their length, stars, and popularity.
Much of the growth in goat meat's popularity seems driven by sales at farmers' markets and a few adventurous chefs.
There's an urban planning term growing in popularity called complete streets.
Over time, his new approach gained popularity, power and subtlety.
It was afraid of the popularity and rapid growth of the organization.
Garland suggests that the popularity of the mystery story is part of the culture that keeps capital punishment alive.
But instead of playing it for laughs and making satire, he plays it absolutely straight and so achieved total popularity.
But the popularity of the messengers should not be confused with the popularity of their messages.
Talk story about popularity of cellular telephones among rich teenagers.
He detested public speaking, and he no longer needed money, thanks to the immense popularity of his books.
What's harder to understand is the popularity itself.
The film's popularity never seemed to mean as much to the writer's father as it did to other people.
But resigning in protest has gained popularity of late among an unlikely group: big corporations.
Over the years, the popularity of tap dancing seems to ebb and flow, yet it always manages to stick around.
The popularity of the subject was tied to the movements for national unity that dominated the period.
Smart phones are surging in popularity and may come to dominate consumer electronics.
But these are designed for the desktop, not the mobile or tablet platforms that are growing rapidly in popularity.
At the same time, streaming video and direct downloads are exploding in popularity.
Now content is experiencing a resurgence with the rising popularity of blogs and new low-cost online publishing models.
Some online news sites will, for example, tweak the layout on their home page by monitoring the popularity of different articles.
The growing popularity of the movement is intimately intertwined with the social-networking boom.
The physical properties of the books themselves may explain their popularity.
But in this case, the cause of his decline in popularity seems to be the intensity with which he is running for president.
The rise is probably due to an increase in the dishes' popularity.
Still, given the popularity of this story, we're guessing lung gardening is pretty rare.
In fact, rather than wholly dismiss dinosaur art, many scientists use its popularity to their advantage.
With their growing popularity comes new value, and even political notoriety.
The argument, though, is one of ethics being defined by popularity and honors.
The results of this risky venture are a guarded secret, but the album's popularity was clear.
But a new study suggests that despite its popularity, this particular brand of self-help may backfire badly.
In part, her popularity can be attributed to the high premium she places on making sure that she is understood.
Ironically, one reason pigeons may be so reviled by so many might have to do with their popularity.
Finally, there is a column in the full database that ranks the popularity of majors.
And that there is an increase in popularity of extremist religious rhetoric.
Hence the popularity of that as a recurring theme in literature.
The second confound involves field popularity and selection.
The media circus inevitably turns elections into popularity contests.
So, yeah, popularity is everything and you're screwed.
Who would have thought, historical themes popularity notwithstanding.
As yoga grows in popularity, more workers are turning to the mat not only for peace of mind, but for an extra paycheck.
Chances are it has nothing to do with your popularity.
Its astonishing popularity is a testament to the potential of gaming on social networks.
As consumers seek relief from the recession, auctions for food and other necessities gain in popularity.
Fully a third are boys who use aggression to achieve and maintain their popularity.
Older sibling popularity was not important in predicting boys' delinquency.

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