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These elegant tangles of fluorescent actin bundles won the popular vote for the best microscopic photo of the year.
Efficacy is something that is shown by valid studies, not by popular vote or marketing.
Readers must create an account to vote in the bracket, and the winners of each match-up will be determined by popular vote.
Because rights should not be determined by popular vote.
Popular vote has ruled it an important question to answer.
These factors have consistently returned him to office with ever-larger percentages of the popular vote.
When you put a tiny and despised minority up for a popular vote, the minority usually loses.
Too bad it doesn't work that way, popular vote decides the winner.
We're picking three finalists, and readers will select the winner by popular vote.
The popular vote was significantly closer than the electoral vote.
GQ will select five nominees as finalists, and the winner will be determined by popular vote.
But, counting second-preferences, the left had a tiny advantage in the popular vote.
Worse still for the president, the opposition is claiming a majority of the popular vote.
He clearly needs to go back to the source of sovereignty, popular vote, to have the plan ratified.
Some might choose to appoint them through their legislatures, while others may stay with the popular vote method.
The following year marked the first time all senatorial elections were held by popular vote.
Limitation on indebtedness of local government authorized by popular vote.
Limitation on indebtedness of local governments without popular vote.
It was adopted by popular vote, so the determination of your question is whether or not it was intended as a salary ordinance.
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