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Good new restaurants are popping up in unexpected places.
And shops selling them have been popping up all over the city.
And new shops, restaurants, and galleries keep popping up downtown.
Yes, that weed popping up out of her faux turf carpet is a real dandelion, deliberately planted.
But then evidence of much earlier complex behavior started popping up.
New problem spots are popping up all the time as well.
He was a media star, posing for cheesecake publicity shoots, popping up on girlie calendars and matchbook covers.
When you pound it, about eight to ten growth rings will start popping up.
The complaints are popping up in all sorts of places online.
It begins with mysterious hissing and popping noises.
He finds dazzling sentences popping out of pop culture too.
Five textbooks are popping the seams on students' backpacks and sending them to the chiropractor.
So that's where the future reckoning-not bubble-popping per se, but major shifts in position-is likely to occur.
Ed programs were popping up everywhere for some reason.
Or so the locals tell me, in-between pill-popping and therapy sessions.
Even the colors aren't, the patterns getting pregnant and popping.
They sounded as if they had ripped up their vocal cords by popping steroids.
People were certainly popping the crazy pills this week.
No matter how many claims these and other fact checkers beat back, new whoppers keep popping up.
The idea is that instead, within each brain, different selves are continually popping in and out of existence.
Within each brain, different selves are continually popping in and out of existence.
He wore three-piece corduroy suits and soft-soled shoes and had a way of popping up at awkward moments.
He rolled down his window to let in the city's stale night air, to dry the sweat that was popping out on his brow.
That's an astounding claim and one that many physicists will want to pour over before popping any champagne corks.
Unfortunately, generic versions of the drug are popping up all over the world.
You're already seeing a lot of new services popping up to serve this market.
Popping the perfect bowl of popcorn is an art form and when you get it right, nothing tastes better.
After popping off its heat shield, the rover will use landing radar to orient itself to the ground.
Eye-popping photos and bold, colorful graphics nab kids' attention and entice them to read.
But then strange things started popping up in laboratories: x-rays, gamma rays, a mysterious phenomenon called radioactivity.
They're decomposing and all kinds of gremlins are popping up.
It is a bone-jarring ride as the vehicle lurches on its metal wheels, which make a grinding, popping sound.
Observation decks along the road give good views, but hiking out offers more eye-popping scenes of lava flows.
Many matchmaking apps exist, and now more apps to help singles flirt their way to romantic attachment are also popping up.
Spencer then tried popping popcorn and making an egg using microwaves.
Popping is the ear's efforts to equalize its pressure.
Marriage proposals in ballparks have become fairly common, usually with fans popping the question on scoreboards.
Most people have felt the sensation of their ears popping during takeoff and landing on an airplane.
But it was not uncommon to see coffins popping up out of the ground after rain.
Wow, when you put all the photos together, it's an eye-popping photo festival of news.
There are a number of gluten free bakeries and products popping up all over the place now.
Breathe in, through injection, skin popping and smolder are some the main ways to take it.
Few see any culinary action more sophisticated than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn.
Its effects are more subtle and consistent than traditional pill-popping or daily injections.
My time, of course, wasn't all cheese popping and not writing.
Renewable energy installations are popping up in some unlikely places, including solar installations at sewage treatment plants.
They can also convert to inexpensive table lamps by popping them on an empty soda bottle.
Popping melatonin pills is one of the latest crazes.
But if you wait until the methane starts popping, it'll be too late.
Consulting firms are popping up to help clients design profitable auctions or win them less expensively.
Yet even the luxury industry's boosters did not expect such a cork-popping recovery.
Government officials repeatedly reported eye-popping real income growth figures.
New types of superconductors-materials that transport electric current without loss of energy-seem to be popping up everywhere.
Instead, availability of land simply fed speculative activity, which has made the popping of the bubble much more painful.
Spending on advertising slid with the popping of the economic bubble.
Non-profit news outfits have been popping up at the state and city levels, too.
Elaborate new toll systems are popping up all over the world.
If the heat is on, removing one kernel from the pan will not stop others from popping.
In an accounting sense, these eye-popping deficits are simply the counterpart of private surpluses.
Now they are popping up all over the place, from the bestseller lists to pop music.
To mounting panic, their shadowy cells have been popping up across the south.
There were cheers and huzzahs and popping flashbulbs.
Gawking at celebrities is a natural reflex these days, it's the pixel-popping that's so unfeeling.
The fact that it's still popping up in late-night comedy routines suggests suggests that it's far from being resolved.
And it shouldn't stop you from popping by to catch up on our extensive archive of re-caps, interviews, and videos.
Researchers also argue over which popping method-stove top, microwave, or air popper-produces the biggest flakes.
It is filled with tiny particles of matter that are always popping into existence and then, an instant later, popping out again.
Then one imagines cramming to gain some competence and popping a pill to retain it.
One of these non-issues that keeps popping up is the idea that cell phones cause brain cancer.
If the universe popped out of literally nothing, there must be some intelligible law that governed the popping out process.
Still, popping in a pair of contacts for the sake of clearer vision is less daunting than laser surgery.
Physicists have theorized that quarks are constantly popping up in the vacuum of empty space.
If there were people on board the small interplanetary probe, no doubt they'd be popping champagne.
Another thing popping up as a supposed cause of vaccine-induced autism is aluminum.
Thousands of food-related sites dish up a variety of meal suggestions, with new ones popping up daily.
Madeleines are popping up all over now, from coffee shops to big-box grocery stores.
For a city that refuses to allow anyone to cook anything on a vehicle, we've sure got a lot of food trucks popping up.
But this time, shapeless blobs are out, and eye-popping new forms and fabrics are in.
Given all that, the hotel can expect floods of casual sightseers popping in for tea and a few quick photos.
Franchises geared toward giving toddlers an academic edge are popping up across the country.
The field boasts its own websites, and exclusive, often unmarked rare-sneaker shops are popping up nationwide.
Jaw-Popping: a rapid snapping of the jaws and popping of the lips, produced by all bears.
The veteran was able to squat with a distinct popping sound.
Sometimes students have told me that they hear a popping sound.
Listen for the main valve to close- this would be a popping or snapping sound.
Good to see your messages popping up in the mailing list again.

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