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Most companies contract with farmers to grow what they need and this also applies to popcorn.
Few see any culinary action more sophisticated than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn.
Some want to engage, some to pitch a fit, and some to eat popcorn and watch.
Meanwhile, every country may list dozens of sensitive areas where tariffs can still apply, from ports to cars to popcorn.
He likened the crisis to popcorn rather than dominoes.
He also sold popcorn and peanuts at local football games.
The falling foam was usually popcorn sized, too small to cause more than superficial dents in the thermal protection tiles.
Sometimes they spread a sheet over the couch and ate a big bowl of popcorn.
Look at a swatch of it and you will want to throw your hair into a side ponytail and make a bowl of microwave popcorn.
Scientists have doubled the payload of today's popcorn-at the expense of taste.
From the potatoes and the popcorn, the family rush to the turnips they have pampered with the family mussel mud.
If you pop the popcorn now, it will be stale at the end.
He rode the bike to a community event to get free popcorn and candy.
The smell of popcorn has been replaced by a lingering aroma of damp plaster and mold.
The veal loin sits on a small bed of stuffing with celery, popcorn, peanuts and a caramel sauce.
Only a few published reports were available concerning determinations of volatile compounds from popcorn.
Small, knobby growths of calcite on the cave walls are called cave popcorn.
We're a family owned business that grows, harvests and pops popcorn.
Popcorn is less adaptable to environmental extremes than is dent corn.
Popcorn surrounds the hole suggesting that it formed around the splashing cup.
There is no evidence that the water dissolved and drilled its way through the popcorn.
Concessions will be available selling favorite movie treats such as popcorn, soda and cotton candy.

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