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Neutrinos are achieving a sort of pop culture fame.
Finally, a thread that's not devoted to whining and pop culture.
Twirl the pop and gently tap the lollipop stick on the side of the pan to remove excess melt.
How many scientists, artists, intellectuals and writers have offended the pop notions of their day and been condemned or worse.
They pop up again when you release two toggle-and-loop closures.
Three of pop music's shining stars are toiling in courtrooms on either side of the pond today.
Synthesizers, computers, and the latest microchip technology have recently given pop musicians some versatile new toys.
There is, of course, the dreaded pop quiz way of making students read.
Musically speaking, there is a wealth of indigenous folkloric music, but no true homegrown pop music.
Pop psych lore is a bewildering mix of fact and fallacy.
Flashbulbs pop as photographers zero in on the party's notables.
It was also a powerful vehicle for introducing local ethnic traditions into an emerging national pop music.
Neurolinguistic programming has become a favored pop psychology technique because it is easy to follow.
Pop the whole clump out of the ground with a shovel or spading fork.
Our language must literally pop off the computer monitor.
Inspiration often seems to pop up unpredictably-in the shower, on a long walk or even at the grocery store.
To brighten your home this spring, pop a pretty plant in a green glazed container.
He finds dazzling sentences popping out of pop culture too.
In the bathroom, blue tile and colorful accessories pop against an all white interior.
Those remain, he said, especially because new gossip sites are bound to pop up.
Then reduce heat so bubbles that form on pan bottom only pop to the surface occasionally.
In spring, naturalized yellow trumpet daffodils pop up around the meadow's edges.
To pop plants from cell-packs, push up on the bottom of each cell.
Click on any address and photos and descriptions pop up.
Pop the ripe fruits in your mouth fresh off the plant.
Savvy, satirical and fluent in pop culture, this voice also uses self-deprecation to inoculate against criticism.
Two-eyed stereoscopic viewers pop microscopic beasties into three dimensions.
Now his over-the-top sound is snaking its way into pop music.
Pop stars have kept photojournalists in check for a long time now.
One suggestion that does pop up from time to time is that the process which leads to autism involves faulty mitochondria.
Some commentators are predicting that business education will be the next bubble to go pop.
Now pop one of the jellybeans into your mouth and chew, without letting go of your nose.
And nearly half of them use their phones to call friends to warn them of pop quizzes.
For those folks who have posted their philosophy somewhere, they will likely pop up, and will give you some ideas.
The arts are conflated with pop culture and seen as a luxury, she said.
For instance, toddlers learned how to pop open a container by watching the experimenter and then copying her.
The paper breaks down within a few months and it's easy to hand weed any stragglers that dare to pop through.
So researchers took a closer look at how people who pop health pills actually behave.
She's painted some of them tropical colors to add a little pop to her mostly green garden.
They pop up all over the place from the seeds that make it to my compost.
Pop-Tarts have officially outgrown the breakfast aisle at grocery stores.
Pop-up books have always been the exhibitionists of the literary world-all those creases and protrusions.
Our obsession with musical nostalgia is strangling pop.
No less significant were his genial, gravel-voiced vocals, which laid the foundation for all subsequent pop singing.
The critics' favorite and the pop princess both have new albums out this week.
Banished from academe and organized religion, the paranormal has found sanctuary in pop culture.
We had five different types of diet pop and recruited people to try it with us.
He wanted high-school students' pupils to pop as soon as they walked through the door.
Candidates see more pop-ups to left field than line drives.
The suggestion is by the address bar of the email and therefore isn't intrusive in the way that a pop-up would be.
Inside, there is little-bar the odd piece of flashy pop art-to suggest any link to high finance.
Better to get a patient to pop a pill instead of listening to months, perhaps years, of chat about the patient's life.
However, this will provide only a temporary pop to earnings.
Consumption of drugs has risen, as there are more types of pills and more old patients to pop them.
The huge statements in this pocket-sized book could pop the seams of one's trousers.
The joint itself is a narrow stand-up affair, its hot turquoise walls joyfully cluttered with pop-art collectibles.
When skies are blue, shoot toward the sun-backlight makes individual blooms really pop.
Don't be surprised if you see one or more pop up here at some later date.
Depending on their structure, corn kernels pop in a variety of was.
He rubs her arm and her leg firmly, applying deep-muscle pressure, and her dark eyes pop open.
The experience of it may pop into your head instantly.
The legendary sci-fi franchise that changed pop culture-and inspired two generations of scientists-was rusting in space dock.
And the laws of quantum mechanics say that these submicroscopic remnants, too, could pop out of the vacuum.
If you remove one problem others simply pop out of the woodwork.
The pop psychology notion of a left brain and a right brain doesn't capture their intimate working relationship.
Won't be long before they are roped off and souvenir stands pop up.
These independent artists rue the perfidy of apostate millionaires, and moan about pop stars who abandoned the true faith.
The team is developing a tiny fuel cell that runs on ordinary soda pop, the kind you can buy in a supermarket.
So you pop a thermometer in your mouth and try to breathe through your nose to get an accurate reading.
And its hold over pop music still impinges on the new abundance economy of digital downloads.
As your friend reaches the next destination, such as a park, concert video from that venue could pop up on the screen.
It would flash the digital image directly onto the stock and then pop out the image.
It's a baseball glove for the almighty to catch those errant pop fly's the universe sends our way every once in a while.
Lots of people avoid mom-and-pop gas stations, and stick to certain brands for fear of buying poor quality gas.
But they use them to listen to pop-music, or to watch soap operas.
If you are lucky, something will pop up that begins to qualify on both counts.
Users can pop their cards into new phones, retain all their collected data, and begin charging calls to their own accounts.
And his tremendous gifts as a singer and arranger, and as a synthesizer of world music in a pop context, became calcified.
Pop music, inflated beyond recognition, nearly suffocated under its own weight.
Bloggers and pop musicians operate in a penumbra of semi-illegality.
Clams are excellent on the grill and they pop open when cooked.
Food foams are the first thing that pop into my head when the topic of molecular gastronomy comes up.
Strangely, that word would pop up again before week's end.
They explode in the mouth with a pleasingly juicy pop.
First, reconnoiter the place about a week before, preferably on the same night of the week you are planning to pop the question.
Parallel parking, a skill that doesn't pop back quite as fast as riding a bike, makes me nervous.
He writes a monthly column covering the media, politics, and pop culture.
To make sure you're paying attention, we've devised a pop quiz for you.
It's simply a pop-smart pop record, maybe his best yet.
If you haven't been listening to pop radio in the past few months, you've missed the rise of two seemingly opposing trends.
Pop singers are usually singers before they know it, but they do not become pop without effort.
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