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Combine your errands, car pool to work, or take public transportation to reduce both your energy and water use.
Normally, when you pour a liquid into a pool of another liquid, the stream plunges right in.
There should be a pool of money always available for the merit pay system.
The nurses roll the body from side to side periodically so that the liquid doesn't pool.
One in four does not realize that a response is required to enter an inquiry pool.
The vanishing-edge pool creates the illusion that it could slip from its moorings and glide away.
Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until an adequate applicant pool is established.
My bull terrier jumping into the swimming pool to recover her tennis ball.
Imagine that you are playing pocket billiards on a pool table that is three meters long and one meter wide.
Each figure holds an inflatable pool toy, such as water wings or a toy seahorse.
Effective against background of dark green shrubs or at end of pool where graceful form can be displayed.
By the wedge, bare feet dangling into a pool or lake.
The lap pool is sheltered from the wind by a retaining wall and a hillside in the distance.
Spring-fed pool within walls of historic boiling house.
If you're being shot at, you could do worse than diving into a swimming pool.
We speed to the spot, in time to see a pool of blood.
Use in damp borders, at pool edges, or in shallow water.
For a pool hall, a liquor license is not a trivial matter.
The real dysfunction began after a pool of candidates had been identified.
Cantor's loss was so great that its portion of the memorial surrounds almost half of the north pool.
The park's trails offer hiking and bird watching and the outdoor pool is big with the youngsters.
Your brain, being the clever little computer that it is, swaps this mad image out for something more sensible: a pool of water.
Yet applications held steady, the diversity of the pool increased slightly, and so did average test scores.
Instead of launching drift nets or putting out a rod and line, fishermen round up the tuna in a shallow pool.
They plopped each turtle into a small pool surrounded by magnetic coils.
The windows in the motel shook and the water in the pool rippled.
But they also need to continually renew and refresh their pool of prospective adjuncts.
Those companies and their suppliers have nurtured a pool of highly trained technical workers fed by two large state universities.
With nine pieces on display, it's a great way to dip your feet into the pool and test the waters.
The space created between the two conceals pool equipment and a new outdoor shower.
The pool of potential teachers has diversified as well as deepened.
The system can monitor the performance of solar photovoltaics, solar hot water and solar pool heating systems.
So go to a store that sells pool supplies and purchase granular chlorine.
Splurge on a room with wood-burning fireplace, and bring a swimsuit for the outdoor pool.
Long periods of high unemployment tend to reduce rather than augment the pool of potential workers.
In the discussion of alternative energy and fuels, algae have been bubbling to the top of the proverbial feedstock pool.
In the snorkeling pool on the north end, you might see a rare sleeping monk seal.
Increasing the size of the pool is not an excuse for a deceptive job description.
Exchanges allow people to bet with each other, rather than going through a licensed bookie or a parimutuel pool.
When he started the backyard was little more than pool and lawn.
It is in their interest to have a strong pool of candidates.
If you want a real treat, zoom all the way to the people on the far side of the reflection pool.
Then notice how the soothing palette mimics the sparkle and cool, watery blue of a swimming pool or water feature.
Some private colleges are part of a tuition exchange pool.
Even if they do they have metal between you and it and unlike gas cars, the insides don't leak out making a huge pool of fire.
Our room was small and situated next to the hotel pool.
But he endorsed the idea of a device pool for basic scientific work.
Geometric steppingstones crossing a small pool give the illusion of walking on water.
Hot water for all the apartments in the complex took less gas than this tiny swimming pool.
Whether an idea arises uniquely or reappears many times, it may thrive in the meme pool or it may dwindle and vanish.
Each year, the cap ratchets down, and the shrinking pool of allowances gets costlier.
Every school has the same national goals and draws from the same pool of university-trained educators.
At first, his biggest problem was a thin labor pool.
We invite other countries to pool their technological resources in this undertaking.
They set out for the place, a pool overshadowed with trees, but apparently connected with the sea.
He seems to believe that the bank or pool, in the early days, was called the poke.
They were accustomed to sleep in the open, while the picketed horses grazed beside them near some shallow, reedy pool.
If the interviews are in a short time, it might be a few stronger candidates in the application pool.
The lab will pool the proposals-submitted through an online portal-for review by a board of library officials.
Make time for the occasional day at the pool or beach, and don't bring your laptop.
They struggled with narrowing the pool further through each subsequent stage of the process.
The pool of candidates for this opening was impressive, as were your own qualifications.
But the success of any market depends upon the stakes and the pool of traders.
We're not exactly talking swimming in an infinity pool as opposed to a drainage ditch here, people.
That's not a bad data pool to draw upon when making recommendations.
On the screen, a computer-generated sailboat floats in a stone-lined pool of water.
Should the population disappear the original pool of genes can be regenerated through cloning.
He applies the mud from the pool and then stands upright until it is dry only to take a dip in the nearby sea.
The result is a tiny gene pool that is saturated with bad traits.
They make the chunk on the pool table seem dull as a paperweight.
Fifty thousand of them could swim in a pool the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
But again, it seems more likely they'll remove themselves from the gene pool by making cell phone calls while driving.
Apparently, your genes also have a vote, as does your gene pool.
He had his own villa, with a pool and a personal chef, but he found life lonely.
In the kitchen, the melting ice of the refrigerator had formed a large pool on the floor.
In the center, a marooned willow wept, with no pool.
There are new caf├ęs and pool halls, and new fashions on the streets.
Any cracks or leaks in the pool could uncover the spent fuel which can heat and catch fire.
In contrast, those alleles who did not have great selective value would be purified from the gene pool.
Despite the enormous pool of potential research subjects, greed has not yet been systematically investigated in brain research.
The pool's soft sides help reduce injury as the disoriented animal adjusts to its new surroundings.
The reasoning is simple, the increased absolute number of sweeps clean the overgrowing gene pool.
The bigger point is that sum can become more than the parts as motivated individuals pool information in a coordinated fashion.
Shortly after, a mysterious type of seaweed started growing in the pool.
It doesn't actually matter on bit where the gene came from or how long its been in the gene pool.
If space exploration has a future, then all of humankind must pool resources together.
Throwing them together in one pool would mask this phenomenon.
We continue to add to our pool of knowledge and to account for the balance of the heat equation by addition of new understandings.
As far as police are concerned, the bigger the pool, the more chance of a match with their next crime scene.
For obvious reasons, convicts are excluded from the dating pool.
All rely on the same increasingly expensive pool of commodities.
Ponzi schemes depend on garnering an ever-increasing pool of new investors to pay out returns to prior investors.
And the smaller that pool becomes, the larger the loss that each investor will have to accept.
Risk-sharing mechanisms can enable the poorest nations to pool their insurance-buying power.
They don't care because they are buying it and selling a pool to the big bank.
The vast amount of debt at every level also raises the question whether the pool of savings is large enough to absorb it all.
Part of the vast central court is a turquoise reflecting pool which has no water, but is filled with frogs and graceful waterfowl.
In addition, there are four bars, four pool halls and possible plans for a brothel.
Cars creep along while the car-pool lanes next to them often attract little traffic.
Those days of lounging around in an overcrowded hotel swimming pool, sitting on a broken deck chair are gone.
The pool deck is also home to four bars and more than half a dozen hot tubs.
Each room has either a patio or balcony with stunning views of the mountains or pool.
It also offers a modest water park attached to the hotel: two giant tube slides connected to a larger pool area.
The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.
The pool area of the ship, which overlooks the back of the ship and features comfy lounge chairs.
The pool and clubhouse were tidy, the lawns freshly snipped.
At this resort, you can watch the sunset over the ocean at the adult-only infinity pool from a luxury cabana.
Amenities include an on-site gym, a pool, hot tub and an on-site restaurant.
The rest of the remaining prize pool will go into an account and accrue interest before play resumes.
On the roof is a sun deck and swimming pool for guest use.
The world's best pool player sees shots no one else can.
He begins by slicing the theoretical applicant pool into three slices.
In between them, and protected by high concrete walls, is a split-level deck containing a swimming pool.
And in addition there will be a homogenization of the gene pool, a blending of races.
Meanwhile, there is a ready-made retirement pool from which to draw, courtesy of the private sector.
With the rural labor pool shrinking, wages are rising.
When employers do start hiring again, they will look to the sizeable pool of shorter-term unemployed.
Use web content as a development pool for the airwaves.
It means, as a group, their already higher-than-average wages aren't growing as fast as the entire wage pool.
The human gene pool was then missing the genes of those people.
It helps to first examine a much simpler problem such as an elastic collision on a pool table.
The scientists trained the rats to find a submerged platform in a pool, with the help of surrounding cues.
The average swimming pool or hot tub contains enough to dry one's hair to the point of ruination.
The nature of evolution is to cause a population to change over time in accordance to what its gene pool provides for adaptation.
Saving the seeds of open-pollination plants is the only guarantee of conserving a gene pool.
Why do smokers pay more for life insurance but obese participants in the pool do not.
The bottom of the swimming pool is decorated with two blue-tile dolphins.
Lemons and tangerines grow on the trees around the pool.
There were many fundraisers in their sloping, running-down-to-the-swimming pool garden.
Focusing a sound wave onto a pool of ink causes droplets to spatter onto a nearby surface.
We can find gene pool contamination even of the wild related species of plants.
If you don't keep circulating the water in the pool, it won't provide enough cooling.
The flow of his payments into the mortgage pool stopped.
The larger and more diverse the pool of people, the cheaper their premiums can be.
It trickles around the edges of a frozen pool, vanishes and reappears in an open snowy bowl.
Explore the changing colors and overlapping designs in this mesmerizing pool.
For additional safety, the test may be more stringent if the pool is really crowded.
If you want an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool, consider using a heat pump pool heater.
Watch this dog try to bring his pool in the house.
It was in a swimming pool that she had stretched her limbs after her knee operations and made them strong again.
Also, if you have two vehicles in the family motor pool, leave the thirstier one in the garage as often as possible.
There was gorgeous landscaping and a large pool and a short golf-cart ride to the beach.

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