poo in a sentence

Example sentences for poo

Tadpoles and fish have also been observed recycling poo.
Sorry to poo in your pudding but there is quite a bit of evidence that pot use damages the brain rather heavily.
And to make matters worse, a narrow ledge about a foot below the top of the fence was covered in rat poo.
Our high hopes were washed away quicker than dog poo on the sidewalks.
Skatole bears a heavy responsibility for making poo smell phooey.
Initially poo pooed, the first two are now seen on nearly all the usual suspects these days.
Flinging poo at data points on a graph doesn't negate the point that the data shows global warming.
Still, more sustainable materials-from plastic polymers made from potato starch to paper made of sheep poo-can only help.
When the larva hatches, it performs some renovations, cutting a hole in the roof and enlarge the structure with their own poo.
When they emerge, ready to face the world, they get mouthfuls of poo.

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It was because of me. Rumors reached Inman that I had made a deal with Bob Dole whereby Dole would fill a paper sack ful... more
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