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But that is typical of what happens when people hitch up to a one trick pony.
He was twenty-seven years old and rode about town on a grey pony.
One pony would be used for the morning work, one for the afternoon, and neither would again be used for the next three days.
All you need to do is get your rich alums to pony up the money to attach their family names to departments.
Our private industry could pony up some funding for research, too.
No truer words have been spoken, and certainly not with such pony-tailed frankness.
He may also have painted his war pony red, right down to the hooves.
Perhaps they could also get taxpayers to buy them a pony.
At the end of the democracy dog-and-pony show, the organizers asked if any of the visiting journalists had a question.
What the world needs now is some time to sit back and make their own pony.
A-list actresses are displaying different ways to pull off the look, such as the sleek, tight pony or the more wispy side tail.
However, younger and smaller riders can go on a pony ride inside a paddock instead.
Pony rides are available on the weekends for an additional fee.
The stable also provides pony rides and stalls for guests who bring their own horses.
But instead, he seemed happy to play the performance with her and then at a certain moment turns on her and grabs her pony tail.
She could pony up for dorm room and board fees or buy a condo.
It was more the size of a pony's head, shiny and glistening.

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