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Example sentences for ponderous

Most academic writing is heavy and ponderous and over-explains.
This ponderous speech never saw the light of day.
The ponderous narrative lacks so much focus that it will likely leave most viewers squirming in their seats.
It is too slow-moving and ponderous.
The ponderous bureaucracy of officialdom dismayed the soap companies.
More ponderous brain games break up the action from time to time.
Men had confined their literary interests to the library and, as a consequence, their style was either ponderous or precious.
Although his size made him seem as ponderous as a water buffalo, Liston was in fact faster than the sparring partner.
His dialogue can be ponderous, too, and his characterizations thin.
The women in late Degas are mostly silent, rapt in their solitude and dragged down by a ponderous physicality.
No editor wants a ponderous piece that puts readers to sleep.
For profits are painfully revealing snobberies and ponderous dated-nesses in non-profit universities.
As my life gathered speed, the ponderous skills of contemplation that won me a doctorate lost their utility.
These contain informed, thoughtful commentary that aren't ponderous or paternalistic.
Readers new to the field may find this book a useful overview, but only if they can endure the ponderous writing.
Nor has the generals' ponderous guidance helped the economy.
Many deemed it a noble effort, but weighty and ponderous nonetheless.
Each working group had numerous subcommittees, or task teams, all bearing equally ponderous names.
The film is long but never ponderous, the set pieces are thrilling, and one's heartstrings are tugged at all the right places.
Makes the point, but it's a somewhat ponderous collection of mediocre sentences, rather than a single one of immense power.
We've got these big ponderous brains that let us think about the nature of consciousness, the universe, and gender differences.
They have players with huge pace but build up moves in a ponderous way.
Feeling mired in the part, and fearing that it appeals all too strongly to his own ponderous mood, he decides to lighten up.
Three-fourths of their fury was due only to his ponderous manner.
One folio volume is as ponderous as another, if it crushes down the tender germs of thought.
The euro story seems far away, ponderous and impenetrable.
But what feels light on the page can seem exceedingly ponderous once a filmmaker transposes those words into the visual realm.
With a ponderous self-consciousness, the story builds to a saloon shootout that parodies a standard western showdown.
The ponderous tone that permeates this revival robs the play of much of its sparkle and wit.
Ponderous aspens that reached into the blue for golden sun now have turned to ghostly gray husks of their former self.
The policy formation process is ponderous and beset with political and bureaucratic pitfalls.
The moose is taller but not so compact and ponderous.
It's possible to be professional without being ponderous.
Not to mention the ability of an agile adversary to get inside our ponderous decision and acquisition cycle.

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