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Open-minded readers will enjoy her beautifully written book as an opportunity to ponder our shared humanity.
The visitor is left to ponder if perhaps these two women are actually one.
As he plumbed the details, he found more and more to admire and ponder.
He looks forward to the chance to read, chat and ponder on the boat.
Scholars and archaeologists still ponder why they left.
Philosophers ponder what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object.
That is something to ponder while stuck in the Delhi traffic.
It turns out that the pigments and dyes responsible for hues have many remarkable characteristics, most of which we rarely ponder.
They will ponder their plans for the future.
And this was a show to savor for its outward prettiness and to ponder for its interior vision.
Daydreamers have the ability to go to far away places and experiences adventures which only ponder in one's imagination.
In this situation, let us seriously and coolly ponder.
But to those who ponder the sun's tremendous energy, there's a perfect symmetry in the idea of solar cooling.
Until then, she will practice her talk and ponder the best way to fold her own story into it.
We ponder the mystery of why game adaptations of popular licenses tend to suck, with a few notable exceptions.
Give in to the unknown for a while and ponder the mystery.
And it makes me immediately ponder what other sci-fi kitchen gadgets might work.
The implications and potential for the advancement of games from such technological leaps are exciting to ponder.
If you're in the mood to keep yourself up at night, nuclear war remains a good subject to ponder.
They can't help but ponder the significance of it, wondering about the purpose behind the pattern.
The board members and their guests wander out, left to ponder whether real political power can come from a modem.
Many mourners ponder, even if only abstractedly, their reason for living.
Let those with open, and hence less readable minds, ponder.
Other ethical issues are more subtle, if only because relatively few among the general public ponder these things.
We as humans ponder our existence and are from time to time, swayed by evidence and discoveries.
We must ponder on the mysteries and wonders of the universe and find answers.
When you ponder it, that's a huge, life-changing perspective right there.
It's something for university composition departments to ponder.
But it has made him ponder the whole date and time arrangement people take for granted.
They ponder the selections in their table-top jukebox.
She undertook this globetrotting adventure for two reasons: to feed her wanderlust and to ponder her own final resting place.
Which prompts your correspondent to ponder where such short-term finance might be found.
The government will ponder whether economic co-operation with its huge neighbour might not be such a bad idea after all.
Renewable-energy aficionados found more in the policy paper to ponder.
They ponder getting rid of their own unpopular president.
While stock exchanges ponder possible partnerships, executives at the world's big futures exchanges have scarcely been idle.
In addition, lenders will have to ponder the legal difficulties of enforcing debt contracts in emerging markets.
The other side of coin to ponder is that gross risk aversion or phobia means gaining nothing, even losing everything.
Trillions of dollars of private capital sit idle while companies ponder his next costly regulations.
Here are two foundational innovations to ponder that offer a variety of disruptive opportunities in coming years.
Throw a quantum superposition into the mix and the biologists who ponder these problems are likely to implode.
He stops to ponder the buffet, to get a good whiff of the fried chicken and the macaroni and cheese.
That's a question that science writers have to ponder a lot.
And if your quota of weird isn't yet sated, then ponder this: the expansion is accelerating.
The violence and raw power of this storm are amazing to ponder.
Of course, they'll also have a pile of new mysteries to ponder as well.
Consider these mumbling out loud, ruminations to ponder.
Mega-bestseller readers want to be able to read and read and read-they do not want to ponder any truly unexpected revelations.
They quietly ponder the nightmare they lived through.
And so a case that from the start had been ghastly to ponder became even messier.
Instead, brain scientists are asking volunteers to ponder purchasing choices while lying inside high-tech brain scanners.
It may be interesting to ponder how much you've retained of what you learned at school.
Mammograms are the gold standard, but there's news about digital scans and other options to ponder.
Ponder had a twenty year history of being involved in illegal drug transactions.
Ponder your upcoming actions, and talk things over with a partner.
One need not ponder which is necessary to students and parents.
Juggling home and job could create stresses you prefer not to ponder.
It is hoped that this will raise consumer consciousness to eliminate needless suffering and to ponder animal empathy.

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