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Being a big fish in a small pond is more likely to get you noticed.
They find several critters that can survive only in clean water, and conclude that the pond is in good shape.
One is that they are suffering from a big fish in a small pond syndrome.
The van rolled into the pond as water rushed into its open door.
His friends, he says, chide him as a big fish in a small pond.
Water runs through a pipe hidden beneath the channel's river rocks to a catchment pond at the far end.
Eventually, the area between them would be a reflecting pond, filled with creek water.
He compared it to a pond where water comes in and out, but the overall water level must remain constant.
Fish can live in a pond that supplies water to the garden, the water is from rain and recycled gray-water.
If you create a small pond to encourage frogs and toads, they will help mop up the rest of your slug life.
He decided to burn the stuff near a shed beside a small pond and headed back to the car.
There's koi swimming in a pond in the water, sunrays, fireflies.
They appear so small and delicate growing in a quiet pond.
Ideally, they are situated close to a pond or other water source.
When water evaporates from a pond to become water vapor, heat energy becomes the kinetic energy of the added motion.
Some rooms have garden views of the fish pond and small waterfall.
Pond died suddenly at his home at an early hour this morning of arterio sclerosis.
Blue sky reflects off the surface waves created by a koi surfacing to feed in our backyard pond.
Blue and green foliage around the pond enhance its serenity.
Usually, there is some public authority who can tell you how safe a given lake or pond it.
They also learn about the scientific method while examining bugs in a pond.
Automakers have for years sold super-efficient gas-sippers across the pond.
As one knows, anyone can sling mud if the pond is slimy enough.
Watch these newborns make the big jump from a tree to the pond below.
But this amounts to polite throat-clearing compared with the outrage on the other side of the pond.
Urban found that foraging activity varied greatly from pond to pond.
Basically its easier to see a reflection in a pond service if a stone hasn't been thrown in it.
To keep the koi safe from marauding raccoons and great blue herons, the pond has steep sides and hiding places for the fish.
Dig a pond in your backyard, garden, or at your school.
She chose the spot carefully-the leaf hangs over a pond.
What makes you think that pebbles being thrown into pond won't create ripples.
High edging keeps gravel in bounds while giving the impression of a pond within a pond.
For example, our office building has what was supposed to be a lovely pond at its center.
The arbor covers a stone path that leads from the house to a gazebo overlooking a pond.
The result is the look of nature without the upkeep of a whole pond ecosystem.
Go under the surface of a pond and watch the courtship ritual of the red-spotted newt.
They rouse each other for meals, spend hours wallowing in the pond together, and snuggle up side by side each night.
Paula loved a particular spot where the trees form a dome over a pond.
During its life cycle, the parasitic trematode depends on several hosts, including pond snails.
Read field updates, find books, and get instructions on how to build a pond geared toward dragonflies.
Adding a pond and waterfall increased the number of birds dramatically, she says.
We broke up within two months of me making the move across the pond.
Unwary animals that came to the pond and were covered with the liquid were unable to survive.
But a team of professors from both sides of the pond have already answered that question for us.
She was lost beneath the surface for thirty minutes before her parents found her on the pond bottom and pulled her up.
He likes a boilermaker at dinnertime and, on occasion, the bullfrogs from his pond.
The elevator opens onto a stone-tile foyer centered on a bubbling koi pond.
The bookcase of the executive lounge had been filled with books the way you would stock a freshly dug pond with fish.
Each pond often has a unique array of species, from plankton to fish-even if it was created by scientists.
The character is self thinking enough to suggest going fishing at his pond to get her mind off everything.
When a stone falls into a pond, the ripples persist for a while.
They will be big fish in a pond teeming with other creatures.
It is easy to predict that the entire phenomenon will have plopped back into the pond of obscurity in a couple of years.
In one case, an orangutan cringed and pulled away as its companion extracted a fish from a pond.
As the fish move from lab to pond to lake, the program will be continually refined as its predictions are tested in the field.
But of course, y'all across the pond have known that for a couple years already.
But then again, my contact in this case was a co-worker on the other side of the office, not someone across the pond.
On a still pond, ripples move outward evenly from the spot where a rock falls in.
Two pools, plus a three-tier waterfall spilling into koi pond.
Kids will be thrilled with the railroad that circles the park, and they may enjoy trekking across the pond on a paddle boat.
Private gardens, a lotus pond and private swimming pools are available as well.
Little scientists should check out the ecological pond to study wetland plant life.
Near the house are clusters of vivid bluebonnets and a sparkling pond.
The pond is open to fishing under general law in the summer and closed to winter fishing.
T here are many problems that can reduce a pond's potential to produce a desired fishery.

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