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Example sentences for pompous

I'm never going to buy your book because you sound like a pompous windbag.
Few readers will buy the preposterous plot or the pompous dialogue and narrative.
All very high-minded and, in retrospect, more than a little pompous.
Yet even the stellar artwork is not enough to hoist this book out of its pompous mire.
People resent feeling patronized and therefore celebrate if/when the pompous are proven wrong.
He had the power to deflate the pompous with one artfully turned phrase.
The pompous king has cheeks like sides of mutton and narrow evil eyes.
Mainly, Popeye just punches out any guy in his way, the more pompous and tough-looking the better.
When they decide they will write a book showing everyone else how to live, the pompous wheels of the novel spin out of control.
It was lampooned as pompous and naive.
We already have enough pompous people in higher education.
The archbishop has a gift for riling pompous leaders.
At the risk of being pompous, it was one of character.
He was never a dry or pompous scientist, he liked jokes and costume parties, he was a late starter with one great obsession.
And you say, all right, he's a pompous and privileged slayer.
If he would have had fewer pompous musings and a little sounder education it would have been better maybe.
And the simple fact is that much of it is pompous and remote.
Her books unshackle us, toppling the statues of the pompous, demolishing the temples and commissariats of righteousness.
The eloquent and pompous orator had been robbed of all dignity.
Try using these shorter, simpler alternatives to overstated, bureaucratic and pompous words.
There is a fine line between accurately describing your skills and sounding pompous.
Government writing should be dignified, but doesn't have to be pompous.
And how confusing, evasive or pompous something sounds if it isn't clear.
The language of a statute should be dignified, not pompous.

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