polygons in a sentence

Example sentences for polygons

Turquoise and red dyes are still visible inside grooved diamonds and polygons that decorate the cover.
Some polygons are lower in the center and have a pond in the middle.
Snow-covered ice lifted up from the creek bed in a strange geometry of white polygons.
The wet coastal plain is formed into large polygons that resemble moon craters.
Phoenix landed on the edge of one of these polygons.
Several different polygons will be placed in brown paper bags.
If multiple polygons are selected, you will get aggregated values for the output graph or table.
Allows the user to calculate the area, perimeter, and acreage of polygons.
These different types of polygons are seen in various traffic signs.
The following figures present the individual topographic change polygons that are top ranked in terms of one or more parameters.
Optical polygons are calibrated using an indexing table stack, an autocollimator and circle closure measurement techniques.
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