polygon in a sentence

Example sentences for polygon

The sheeting of collectors would be mounted on a polygon frame so the fluted collector is in plan-view triangular supported.
Fittingly, the basement space is shaped like a jagged polygon.
In the center we have a heptagon, that is to say a seven sided polygon.
To maximize the area of a polygon of a given perimeter is to equalize its sides as far as possible.
The displays can also help with what are known as polygon studies for retailers.
The angle between any side of a polygon and an extended adjacent side.
The indexer can also handle square, hexagon or other polygon shapes of various thicknesses.
The software stores the coordinates of each polygon, and applies algorithms to animate them.
As computing power increased and the figures became more fleshed out, that polygon-created flesh was mostly likely white.
Polygon coverage for outcrops or bedrock exposures examined during this study.
Example random site with circle polygon drawn and land cover extracted.
The selected polygon is deselected when it is clicked again.
If the input polygon does not have any adjacent neighbors, then a blank line is entered.
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