polyglot in a sentence

Example sentences for polyglot

And the city is enriched by its polyglot culture in countless ways, including a blossoming of its arts scene.
Being bilingual, trilingual or a polyglot is an amazing feat.
Citizens of small countries are generally more polyglot than those of large ones.
Those came out on a team of polyglot models, each brandishing a shawl printed with her national flag.
For a polyglot, he is remarkably careless in his spelling of names.
Lee inspired his polyglot population to become the intellectual and technical center of the region.
All tents were different sizes, shapes, and color so the camp was a polyglot affair.
Water is allocated through a polyglot of unrelated regulations that affect some water users and not others.
The jails themselves are a polyglot of structures, some over fifty years old.
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