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Although monogamy was the norm, marriage variants such as sororal polygamy and polyandry were present.
The local population has heard every joke and jab about polygamy that you can think of.
The opposite of polygamy is polyandry, when a woman has multiple husbands.
The women seemed to be well treated, although polygamy is practised.
It was about polygamy among the Mormons in 1870.
In another view, he said polygamy is permitted in Tanganyika but he felt one wife is enough for any one man to handle.
There are misconeptions of Islamic instructions on polygamy.
Fashion here is deeply involved in what might be called designer polygamy.
The reason for this is polygamy, an accepted practice in those countries.
He was a polygamy defender who blew his fortune on gonzo polygamy-oriented causes but was himself married only once.
In fact, with its extreme patriarchy and polygamy it resembles the ideals of some non-Western societies.
Freedom of religion is regulated in that polygamy is illegal even though some faiths approve of it.
Governments have outlawed religiously-sanctioned polygamy, even when the practice has been a central tenet of faith.
He suggested family patterns, including polygamy and absent fathers, were a factor.
She found that polygamy is more common in societies that have more disease.
They believed in polygamy as firmly as their pioneer ancestors.
But before long he became critical of church leaders and the practice of polygamy.
Don't be shocked when they talk about polygamy in their family or community.

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