polygamous in a sentence

Example sentences for polygamous

Males scent-mark their territories, but they share them with several females and are believed to be polygamous.
Further, the more polygamous the society, the less direct paternal care is provided.
These dino dads were probably polygamous, the scientists say, because their bones were found on top of some pretty big clutches.
But separation of mates in a polygamous species does not elicit the physiological endocrine response.
The polygamous relationship, if revealed, could have resulted in their deportation.
Even then, a polygamous family is not without its frictions.
They formed an exclusive, polygamous community with a militia and territorial ambitions.
But there is nothing uniquely abusive about consenting polygamous relationships.
Polygamous relationships are allowed only under certain restrictions.
Polygamous marriages were increasingly popular-and now comprised half of his business.
Bored polygamous wives who need mamma's little helper.
It should be the same with polygamous marriages, too.
Mind you, we're not one of the more polygamous species around.
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