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Nearly devoid of insect and disease problems, it's also unfazed by polluted air.
The waters here, once polluted, are now swimming clean.
Pigs run wild on a highway while dignitaries swim in a polluted river.
The mind-set of the past was to control and channel storm water, because it was traditionally polluted and toxic.
Now stories are polluted and demeaned by having been reduced to fodder for television, movie, and slick magazine entertainment.
Specifically a science that is polluted with fraud, inconsistency, and contradiction.
Whatever is once polluted by it, is for ever useless.
The intention is thereby to prevent the sacred food from being polluted by contact with common food in the stomach of the eater.
Hedgerows and trees that provided habitat and absorbed polluted runoff were bulldozed.
They feel a sense of guilt, a fear of being polluted-of secularization.
The mangrove forest provides a barrier, so that none of the polluted water from the fish farm returns to the ocean.
Robots may someday be able to tell you if the air in your house or office is polluted.
The fact is, the world is getting polluted by our development.
They weren't convinced their water was polluted, but they were desperate enough to try it as an experiment.
He advises people at risk for heart disease to avoid strenuous physical exercise in heavy traffic or other polluted areas.
For example, neither exotic plants entering our communities nor polluted air from industrial areas observe borders.
The planet's air and water are becoming more polluted.
When these resources are polluted, all forms of life are threatened.
Untouchables are outcasts-people considered too impure, too polluted, to rank as worthy beings.
Protection will help ensure that bleaching events won't be compounded by polluted runoff, over fishing, or eager tourists.
Oceans are getting more polluted and in areas over fished.
It is the every day reality that resources, when accessible, are often polluted.
Politics polluted the science and made me an environmental skeptic.
The ice and the water is polluted and thus the formation of pure ice molecules is altered drastically.
If the exploration companies polluted the aquifer, then make the pay to make it right, whatever that takes.
Our air is polluted, our water is contaminated and dwindling.
Some can be polluted and alive, others spotless and sterile.
The next test, then, is to see if the new device kills the full range of dangerous bacteria found in polluted water.
From the outset, the process is polluted by a prosecutorial bias.
At some projects, leaks of toxic material have polluted waterways.
The city's air and waterways are polluted and its drains overwhelmed by storms, producing floods that stop traffic for hours.
The only water people have to drink is saline and polluted.
The waters where he used to catch smelt became too polluted to fish in.
He was dumbfounded when he was barred from stepping onto the oil-polluted beach without having his hands and shoes decontaminated.
Their huge lagoons of liquid manure regularly overflowed and polluted the landscape.
What's more, the lake's water is both saline and polluted with agricultural runoff.
His fictions are not polluted by the smog of high-minded journalism.
If you live in any light-polluted region, forget it.
Even from moderately light-polluted skies it's easy in binoculars.
By any other name our environment is polluted, believe that.
There are now oxygen-starved dead zones in the oceans so polluted that jellyfish are the only creatures able to survive.
The entire planet is badly polluted including the oceans, atmosphere, skies and the space above us.
If the air is polluted with small particles, natural or otherwise, the sunset will be more red.

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