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Example sentences for pollinate

These tiny fig wasps work their way inside the fruit and pollinate it, laying their eggs inside and then dying inside.
Looked at another way, it might encourage owners of forests that help to pollinate a neighbour's crops to demand payment.
There are dozens of species of native bees equally willing to pollinate your plants.
So even if the plants self-pollinate, you can get different and interesting flowers.
If you aren't sure which apples will cross-pollinate, they'll tell you.
During this floral feeding process, the birds pollinate many plants.
Bumblebees pollinate important crops, such as blueberries and tomatoes.
Butterflies and bees have fewer flowers to pollinate.
But there are certain wild varieties of crops that pollinate in the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise.
All the plants that insects pollinate would disappear.
Birds, which pollinate chillies, don't have these proteins and are immune to the fiery tastes.
Beneficial insects help pollinate your garden's flowers and play an important role in ridding your yard of unwanted insects.
Dead insects could neither pollinate nor contribute to the food chain of amphibians, fish, or bats and birds.
Small bees and flies pollinate the flowers in the spring.
Some bees are specialists that only pollinate certain plants.
The rainforests of the world depend on bats to spread seeds, pollinate plants, and control insects.
Second, honey bees do not readily visit or effectively pollinate certain cultivated plants.
Seed producers must keep in mind that varieties of the same species will cross-pollinate with other varieties of the same species.
In the process, they pollinate the flowers and ensure that the plant species will in turn reproduce.
Its bad odor attracts bees, flies, and gnats which pollinate it.
For example, almond trees may burst into bloom when still-wintering bees aren't yet ready to pollinate them.
These animals pollinate many plants and eat lots of bugs.
Approximately three quarters of all flowering plants rely upon animals to pollinate their flowers.
Insects pollinate crops and control agricultural pests.
They eat insects, pollinate plants and are an important part of the natural environment.
Insects observed to pollinate this plant include a number of beetles, ants, and some small native bees.
The pogonia appears to self-pollinate by mechanical processes.
In the tropics, bats pollinate flowers and disperse seeds.
See how flowers rely on butterflies, bees, birds and other animals to pollinate them and spread their seeds.
Bats are good for the environment because they eat insects and pollinate plants.
In addition to their considerable aesthetic value, butterflies pollinate plants, many of which have commercial importance.
Insects pollinate many horticultural, forestry, and field crops in addition to naturally occurring plants.
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