polled in a sentence

Example sentences for polled

Their heads be not polled or shaven, but rounded a little above the ears.
Let's see what the chief executive officers polled in the survey had to say.
No one has polled the students on what they want,and that is also unfortunate.
Half of those polled said they were considering an acquisition with one-fifth citing specific plans.
Almost two-thirds of those polled rated it as being one of their main concerns.
It polled strongly among poorer and provincial voters.
The majority of the companies polled are still working out how and where to set reduction targets.
The article did not give details of the number of people polled, or any other vital information in the matter.
Participants are polled both before and after their discussions to see what difference these have made.
Most of those polled were largely in the dark about the subsidies provided to oil and gas.
Twenty-two percent of the polled business leaders admitted to searching employee voicemail, computer files, and electronic mail.
Twenty-seven percent of those polled were worried that the science could be used to make harmful things.
Each album is presented with its album art, track listing, and a quote from one of the critical or musical types polled.
Half of those polled probably never fly, much less do so frequently.
In general, data is polled at the top of each hour from each station.
They are polled once on the major decisions they'll be facing.
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