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And straightway all her polka-dots began a lively dance.
Use round stickers, available from office supply stores, to create a polka-dot pattern.
Green and red socks cannot distinguish left and right feet, nor can argyle vs polka dot or cable knit vs flat.
And naturally they are dancing the polka ordered by those who pay them.
It was a white silk organza sundress with lime green and bright yellow and bright blue polka dots.
The royal opted for courtroom glam, showing off a polka-dot sheath dress and satin overcoat.
The best-selling item is a cotton tea towel, pink with white polka dots.
His inventory of outfits included paper bibs, loud polka-dot shirts, a double tie that he'd match with a sequined jacket.
She's prim and proper in her white dress with polka dots.
Admiration goes deeper than sun-kissed wing markings and a jazzy polka-dot torso.
Our bright red reversible bib features a fuzzy appliqué of a smiling polar bear decked out in his finest polka dot scarf.
She shimmies it, twists it, upends it to reveal polka-dot bloomers.
The rider who wins the polka dot jersey is the best climber in the peloton, the king of the mountains.
There are polka, rock, oldies and moonlight music and dance cruises.
Houses with dreary urban facades covered in polka dots.
Polka band music is performed throughout the festival, and there is a public dance each evening.
Checkerboard and polka dot patterns are not imitated so exactly.
The raincoat is a trench coat style and is red with pink polka-dots.

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