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Some belonged as full citizens who took part in governing the polity.
And it has no single polity to mediate tensions within and between member countries.
In a city of several million inhabitants, those represented a fraction of the polity and even less at the national scale.
Take solace in the fact that preventing the polity from doing more damage is the real value added.
For the polity to delay, as it is probed for the new consensus is prudent.
Deng promotes the polity to resolute at home and open the door to the rest of the world.
We should have arguments about whether or not expansions of centralised authorities are bad for the polity.
It's good to be reminded that progress continues even when the larger economy and polity are stuck in a rut.
Blaming polity has already become the first and the only reaction when some people are thinking about things.
Reaching a consensus is becoming impossible, so fragmented is the polity.
The current polity is designed to solve legalistic problems, not systems dynamics problems.
Every country will sought to influence the polity of its neighbors.
But any polity which denies the vote to half its adult members can hardly be called a full democracy.
The anti-deficit people who kept crying wolf, and who are still crying wolf, have done themselves and the polity no favor.
There has never been a democracy in the history of the world in a polity of any size where you didn't have political parties.
They articulate no vision of a better bank, let alone of a different banking system in an alternative polity.
As you can see, maximum complexity and polity size seems to be strongly contingent upon the scaling exponent.
It is only in a refined and speculative age that a polity is constructed on system.
His interest is more in the curiosities of nature than in questions of religious or social polity.
If you were to contemplate society in but one point of view, all these simple modes of polity are infinitely captivating.
It is a manifestation of society, culture, and the shared polity.
Admit them as guest workers who can participate in the economy but not the polity.
Usually this power is expressed by the whole polity voting on new laws or government policies.
It is a micro polity with no natural resources except its deep harbour.

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