politicize in a sentence

Example sentences for politicize

To politicize the reduction of green house gas is one thing, to make it really work will be a totally different thing.
These people want to politicize science so they can manipulate it to give them the answers they want.
The report is, in effect, a mask for the effort to politicize the university even further.
We should never underestimate the obtuseness of those who would politicize science.
To politicize this tragedy adds further insult to injury.
It's not as though the cameras can politicize the proceedings any more than they already, integrally, are.
It would be fairer to call them an attempt to politicize criminal differences.
It's always pained me to see scientists give up their credibility as scientists to politicize things.
The main topic is muckraking on efforts to distort and politicize science.
Any attempt to politicize it--from either side of the aisle--must always be strongly resisted.
It's amazing how people on the right feel the need to be insulting and politicize everything, yet their comments are not edited.
It is not the objective of the foundation to politicize athletic events.
Burton said the changes are designed to bring diversity to the court, but opponents believe they could politicize it.
There will always be those who politicize or sensationalize to advance their own narrow agendas.
We should not politicize or sensationalize the trade issues.
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