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The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.
The world is wearied of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians.
Diplomats make it their business to conceal the facts, and politicians violently denounce the politicians of other countries.
It is the kind of principle to which politicians delight to pay unctuous homage in words.
Within a year, the artists were presenting the idea to politicians, arts groups and neighborhood community boards.
They might almost be partisan politicians, if they stuck to only two interpretations of the evidence.
It has energized research into global health, made that work a credible career choice and attracted politicians to the cause.
Politicians compelled him to add supporting columns and tie rods, marring the pure lines of his original plan.
Goldwater had a kind of vision so lacking in politicians today.
Watching the speech today shows how sophisticated politicians have become at defining an image.
People expect their politicians to help resolve the problems, not be the guys who cause the problems.
The fund could well become a target for politicians used to scavenging for the wherewithal to buy votes.
Build mashups that seamlessly link politicians, donors, and legislation to give a complete picture of how government works.
Many economists, journalists, and politicians would also have you believe that consumer culture is wrecking the economy.
We often blame our politicians for a lot of things and deservedly so.
We really do judge a book by its cover-and, it seems, the competence of politicians by their faces.
The good news is that politicians are finally confronting the messiness.
Meanwhile, scientists, politicians and other religious groups have condemned the news.
Politicians and the media soon forged a link between the disease and depleted uranium use.
Politicians will find it difficult to be objective, as those same corporations fund campaigns.
The lack of understanding of basic science by the politicians of both parties is shameful.
There are some politicians who have chosen to support scientists.
It took decades for the local communities and politicians to finally end this nightmare.
Visual illusions showcasing politicians are all the rage.
Our politicians are too smart to be taken in by a bunch of lobbyists.
It doesn't allow the politicians to cheat as easily.
Graduation rates matter to politicians and college presidents.
So our politicians spend more time raising cash than doing their jobs.
At private places there's much less need to cozy up to politicians.
Still, he is helped by the fact that many other politicians and foundations are making college completion a top priority.
Terrorism became the preoccupation of police and politicians, bankers and business leaders.
Researchers, religious leaders, and politicians immediately began debating the ethical implications of cloning mammals.
Writers, journalists, musicians and politicians met here.
Politicians, businesspeople, and entertainers offered tributes.
It stains the hands of politicians and generals, who siphon off its profits.
Wildlife conservation, which is generally of low priority to politicians and policymakers, will gain more attention.
There was considerable pressure for the delivery of the serum to go by airplane, and lots of other politicians started bearing in.
Politicians also say strict enforcement hurts poor people living in the area.
They could also harm the bureaucrats and politicians who often feed off public works projects and big industrial polluters.
Giant pandas possess the charisma that politicians and movie stars dream of-and people crave a glimpse.
But if you can navigate those, and slip past the politicians, there may be something else lurking in the water: big sharks.
Individuals, politicians, and entrepreneurs need to think about how we're going to motivate people to take action.
Consumers also have the power to instil fear among politicians.
But such efforts have met fierce resistance from villagers and local politicians, who see the roamers as grubby outsiders.
The executive branch resisted these demands of voters and politicians.
By taking on less divisive problems, politicians could make real progress without spurring outrage.
Meanwhile, politicians compete to make failed policies more harmful yet.
So you'd expect politicians to be much less likely to surrender fiscal powers than monetary powers.
Here's a fact: though politicians pretend otherwise, politics isn't mainly about facts.
Citizens expect to be able to buy the drugs they need, and politicians respond to public pressure.
Making fun of politicians is a pastime practically as old as politics itself.
Politicians tend to pander, especially during the primary season.
Usually, it seems, politicians seek out a portrait artist at the beginning of their career.
The appeal of that promise may make it easier for politicians to run a campaign.
Of course, much of this is simply stonewalling by executives determined to keep meddlesome politicians out of their business.
But the real problem isn't the fecklessness of local politicians.
Throughout the summer, politicians have been going on record to defend or decry the amendment's authority.
There is no reason to doubt this, even as wily politicians try to claim higher ground.
The same holds true when he's mouthing off about politicians.
Another thing the show got wrong was that there weren't any mobsters or politicians at the club.
Nowadays, it seems the environment is on everyone's mind-from politicians to fashionistas and everyone in between.
Best were the interviews he did with celebrities and politicians.
But you also end up in the company of people you don't admire, including some rather dodgy politicians.
It's probably not even the politicians who are to blame as much as the public.
Now, imagine the power this will give special interests over politicians.
It will go on until enough people, rather than politicians, decide that it must stop.
It enforced a stifling consensus on society, politicians, and the press.
Among conventional politicians of the bipartisan middle, consensus takes a different form.
Some politicians argued it was immoral to intervene.
And politicians ignore them and keep calling for more oil drilling.
Politicians and policy experts talk as if climate change can be an afterthought in energy policy.
Even politicians will have no trouble grasping the concept.
Politicians should be looking out for the best interest of our citizens.
There are also the valid concerns of politicians who have to make decisions in a timely way.
Do our politicians and establishments lie and cheat the common citizen.
It is about whether the populace may know about the actions and crimes of their feckless politicians.
And the few companies that are left have the politicians running scared.
Public matters are too important to leave them in the hands of traditional politicians.
National politicians usually have years to build these homunculi of themselves.
Since then it has snowballed, with prominent intellectuals and several politicians themselves joining its ranks.
He says we'd all be better off if politicians fired their pollsters and spoke from the heart.
Considering how controversial they've been, it's not surprising that politicians tend to flip-flop on filibuster use.
It's not surprising to many people that politicians often make bad choices when it comes to their personal lives.
The president sternly spoke, and politicians screamed.
Let's face it, some of our politicians are either immoral or ignorant.
But many politicians and pundits do not trust that private companies can get the job done safely and effectively.
In this way, the politicians claimed, we'd be able to cope with real threats to our health while leaving illusionary fears alone.
They should start by sending an invitation to all politicians.
For years, he listened as politicians and scientists spoke of rising global temperatures.
Explain them how politicians generate money for their campaigns and let them collect donations for their research.
Unfortunately, our politicians seem to think the opposite.
Politicians need to stop catering to special interest groups and start trying to help the majority.
Our politicians have to be pragmatic and vote for what is good for their sponsors, rather than what is needed for the electorate.
Our partisan politicians must refrain from taking sides and making a field day out of unfinished science.
They have conventional parliaments and elected politicians.

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