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Less than a year into office, the businessman-turned-politician has delivered.
He notes that during a campaign, a local politician once.
For any other politician of his age, that would be that, a statesman's final flourish.
There's nothing newsworthy in printing a statistic and the obsequiously aped concern of a politician.
No politician on the left or right has suggested raising the gas tax in almost a decade.
Two, it elevates the candidate into an idol, not a politician.
What a shrunken version of that politician now occupies the presidency.
If a politician can make a buck by opposing it, he will.
Retaining top talent always requires what the market will bear, not what a politician thinks is fair.
One complaint from a student, parent, or politician is all it may take.
He was the first actor to attain a serious politician position.
The easiest approach is to blame a current or former politician for everything that goes wrong.
They prefer stealth taxes for the simple reason that they are not transparent and the politician can avoid honesty.
On the other hand, try to find a politician or political pundit who admits that their biases were wrong in the slightest way.
No politician with an ounce of self-preservation would touch this with a ten foot pole, except to shut it down.
Besides the politician echo the calls of the movement.
The authorities accused a local politician and his armed followers of the crime-a charge the politician has denied in court.
Clearly this student will grow up to become a politician.
He was a first-rate politician who governed the country well.
Proctor is in fact not a scientist, but a politician.
The first mention of religion for a politician up here means political suicide.
Another way is you can send a letter to the mayor of your town or a politician about going green or stopping global warming.
Seeing a prominent politician walk down the street licking scoops of gelato from a cone could only happen in my city.
And journalists are better witnesses than politician-participants grinding their ever-present axes.
People tell me all the time, the only way to change policy in this country is to give a politician a problem they can solve.
He was an electrical engineer, not a politician, but he told politicians what to do and they believed him.
To see why it is necessary, start by looking at the regulatory options for networks from a politician's point of view.
Many had long wondered how he supported a lavish lifestyle on a politician's salary.
The lesson seems clear enough: for a politician, delivering good news is a winner.
If someone lies about a politician, he should not be at risk of criminal prosecution and the politician should not be able to sue.
To a left-wing politician, the answer is obvious: the ordinary worker.
It is even possible that, released from his party duties, he could emerge as a stronger politician.
The epistles of the great orator and politician offer both personal insight and policy initiative.
The popular politician had been nominated on the ninth ballot as his party's candidate.
They met him as a politician playing for points, and hinted at trouble unless their demands were met.
Back of them the politician who controlled all and took the profits.
It is easy for a politician detected in a misstatement to take refuge in evasive rhetorical hyperbole.
The point set for study as the first condition of political life, was whether any politician could be believed or trusted.
It is not even true of the politician who wishes to get full enjoyment out of life without shirking its duties.
After them came the politician, who said there was only one purpose in nature, and that was to get him into parliament.
Politics is the profession of getting people to believe in what the politician says.
It looks as if yet another venerable public work is going to be renamed after a politician.
Writer recalls shaking a politician's hand despite his loathing this politician.
So it was startling to find a politician who preferred to say nothing.
They talked about why, at the age of fifty-eight, he had become a politician.
It would be naïve to pick up the memoir of a recently retired politician expecting total candor.
He gave me as a gift a marvelous book of photographs portraying his life as an artist and politician.
Mentions his unique, for a politician of the times, lack of facial hair.
Furthermore, he's hardly the first politician with a tuneful side.
Grandeur is a far from simple blessing, for the filmmaker as for the politician.
Booking a politician on a comedy show is another way to soften his image.
When a politician is shot, people will draw political conclusions.
And, yes, the machine was as phony as a politician's heartfelt concern.
It's a matter of finding the money in a way that isn't political suicide for a politician.
Perhaps he is pandering to his pious base because after all he is a politician.
That's actually true, but not because no politician dares risk the ire of the shadow government that controls the saucer fleet.
Perhaps he feels bolder against the non-scientist politician or civilian.
When an opinion held by an expert agrees with said politician, that opinion is trumpeted.
Yet another attempt at the cigarette industry and the politician's who line they're pocket's with our tax dollars.
It's one thing for a politician to acknowledge an awakening.
To them, the scientist telling them about evolution is no different from a minister or a politician.
In the final instance he's no more forced than a politician is forced into politics or a lawyer is forced into law school.
We knew her as a courageous defender of human rights, a politician of integrity, a respected and popular teacher.
He is an extremely astute politician with a keen sense of where voters are, and he has great instincts on message.
Medical journals cannot refute arguments that cash may have influenced a politician's decision.
Wade is a politician of persistence without purpose.
Every politician has a useless look about him or her.
One politician throwing support to another: you can think of it as an economic transaction.
And given how little capital it takes to persuade a politician these days, that's a lot of arm-twisting muscle.
It must have been sometimes trying: you've got to be a little bit of a politician.
It would be stunning at this point to see some politician be a profile in courage and stop you.
Happier days with my grandfather and his heartwarming story about the politician and the donkey.
Catch up with your favorite sports team or entertainer, or get a background briefing on a local politician.

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