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Your guilt and your politically correct terms keep us divided and set apart.
The need or desire for resources has affected people economically, politically, and socially.
Global warming, on the other hand, has become a politically loaded and often divisive topic.
But technically possible doesn't mean politically feasible.
Cultural and economic globalization have caused countries to become more connected politically.
These projects are mostly politically driven and run mainly on external money sources and subsidy other than own generated funds.
We don't need innumerate politically-slanted generalist mediators filtering ideas for us.
With that account deactivated, she and her sisters launched a more politically correct venture.
Those tactics worked politically, but at great cost to the country.
Even the high unemployment rate may be less important politically than you'd think.
If the economy were growing briskly, it's unlikely that the health-care bill would have become so politically toxic.
However more politically moribund it may become, its writ still has a year and a half to go.
It's a politically stable country with a sophisticated, mobile workforce.
But what is economically plausible appears to be politically unacceptable.
He has denied the allegations against him and maintains that the prosecution is politically motivated.
Both sides suggested the president would pay politically if he didn't side with them.
Some of the criticism is political, and politically partisan, but more of it addresses the deeper question of purpose.
On the other hand, it may be the only politically feasible way to do it.
Politically, the coming election could shift control of all three levers of power.
Here's a quick tour through the playlist and what its selections mean politically.
Crime reduction policies should be based on what works rather than what is politically appealing.
Oh right, that's not a politically correct argument.
Today it seems politically incorrect to even mention the concept.
We must think in radical ways with materials before ignored or politically discredited.
Self-loathing is also highly relative and politically loaded.
It would be extremely inconvenient economically, politically and ideologically.
Sadly much of science is funded by politically inspired largess.
The current proposal for the future of manned space flight is logically sound, but politically non-viable.
My politically correct indoctrination does not provide adequate guidance with this affair.
Eugenics and master races were mis-applications of science for politically motivated reasons.
Yes, it is unfortunate that environmental action is politically unfeasible right now.
The official poverty measure is politically untouchable because it is used to allocate heaps of public money.
And the public funds have an odd habit of flowing towards politically connected projects.
Further big increases would be politically unfeasible.
Second, there is no legal certainty that trades will be honoured, particularly if the loser is a politically connected company.
For both substantively and politically, the tasks over the next four years may be harder than handling the crisis itself.
Small stakes are both educational and more feasible politically.
Unfortunately it has become, over the past couple of decades, a politically charged one as well.
The arguments for strategic status, though politically appealing, are questionable.
Behind a smoother-looking balance sheet, wasteful, politically directed lending to dud state-owned enterprises continued.
Politically, this will surely be the price of any bipartisan agreement.
Further losses would probably be politically unacceptable.
Revenue measures, such as tax cuts, are politically difficult to reverse.
He may even benefit politically from the about-face, particularly as he will continue in the position of deputy prime minister.
The better-speaking presidents of the past hundred years have also been pretty well-regarded politically.
The crisis could not have come at a politically more awkward moment.
If you want to solve this problem in a politically practical way, electricity prices are relevant.
It's certainly not politically correct to do so, though.
Politically, such studies are useless as they should not affect policy.
Since that is not a politically correct position to take, he takes a position that appears to stem from a religious belief.
It takes a crisis to make the politically impossible possible.
No president, no matter how politically graceful or personally confident, looks good in the midst of an economic crisis.
Often the whole libretto had to be rewritten in order to be politically acceptable.
The book's largest flaw is that it is not as careful and clear-eyed politically as it is economically.
The proposal is intellectually attractive, morally pleasing, but politically fanciful.
Politically, it's the same country but geographically, it's a whole other time and world.
Those cattle they round up have become politically incorrect: for many, meat is an obscene cuisine.
Affirmative action for a member of a politically influential family.
Giving a transformational presidential speech while trapped in politically toxic quicksand is no easy task.
The result is a work that is politically brave, for a mainstream movie, and artistically stodgy.
However, the regime has grown too rigid and politically bottlenecked to ensure long-term stability and further growth.
Regardless of my feelings about the law, this was a great chance for me to be politically active.
The range of his art is diverse, including large-scale installations, politically char.
Instead of having to take politically risky votes on salary hikes, they pegged their pay to the city's cost of living.
The decision had caused an uproar amid speculation that it was politically motivated.
If it didn't work politically, the billion-dollar pipeline would have dried up years ago.
Instead of having to take politically risky votes on salary hikes, they.
Every country is different, economically and politically.

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