political science in a sentence

Example sentences for political science

The authors are invited to take a sociology or political science course once in a while.
They are all students of political science, now in their last year.
Examines the dichotomy between area studies and the more traditional discipline of political science.
The program offers multidisciplinary coursework in economics, political science, and sociology.
My own graduate studies focused on public administration, community development, and political science.
In fact it is a concept in any school of political science.

Famous quotes containing the word political science

It is an axiom in political science that unless a people are educated and enlightened it is idle to expect ... more
Our discussion will be adequate; if it has as much clearness as the subject-matter admits of; for precision is not to be... more
Hence a young man is not a proper hearer of lectures on political science; for he is inexperienced in the a... more
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