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The answer to where are the air cars is more of a political question rather than a technical one.
Because its entirely governmental, nearly by definition makes it a judicial and political question.
The response to purported ill effects of global warming is a political question.
It is a provocative comparison, for it raises the biggest political question about the venture.
Whether it does so is a political question, not a technological one.
But the stability of the euro zone is primarily a political question.
Then, the underlying political question remains largely unaddressed.
The interesting political question to me is tax cuts.
But there's an interesting political question about the hearings.
Yet that is a political question, not an economic one.
When an essential political question is being debated, it's better for everyone to know it.
It is a political question, one where you can seek to sway society's opinion towards less cruelty, to make it wrong.
But this is a political question, not a scientific one.
Access to the public option will be a political question settled at the state level.
But this political question cannot be answered simplistically.
It's not strictly a political question-more of a semantic one.
It is difficult to posit issues more plainly within the scope of the political question doctrine.
Alternatively, the district court held that dismissal was also warranted by the political question doctrine.
Actually, this is more of a political question than a legal one.

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Scarcely any political question arises in the United States that is not resolved, sooner or later, into a j... more
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