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This overview will be indispensable to anyone interested in political and civil liberties.
Our political differences, however, never lessened our personal friendship.
Voter databases are old hat to political campaigns.
The portion of my union dues that is spent on political activity is decided by elected bodies that I can vote on.
He understood that the solutions do not lie in any one leader or political party.
However, overt political titles are responsible for fueling its growth in recent years.
The first complete system of political economy by the articulator of laissez-faire capitalism.
The two research workers developed three measures of political knowledge, involvement and ideas.
He explores the tension between inspiring, idealistic leadership and the art of political compromise.
Weird, all that political action on behalf of a fake trend.
We are often surrounded by bogus claims about other people-especially in the context of political elections.
In an incredibly short time, impressive business, technological and political gains have been made.
In today's political climate, scientists need to get another degree in communication.
But then political turmoil and deforestation got in her way.
In the decade since they started, it has been an uphill struggle against tight budgets, political whims and local suspicion.
The book lamented this fundamental loss-and its social, psychological and even political implications.
For related reasons, they also seem prone to internal violence and political collapse, a phenomenon known as state failure.
The first years of the millennium have become, for interesting reasons, a golden age of popular political biography.
The nation's political and military leaders badly needed a gaudy victory to restore public morale and their own reputations.
Two political parties scrambled into existence after the decree.
On display are artifacts that represent the cultural, political and social origins of the cultural movement.
The political and journalistic situation made the administration organ one of the characteristic features of the period.
But there's another political monster we've tried to postpone that's fed up with our recalcitrance.
Bureaucrats still snooze atop mountains of public data, with no political imperative to release it.
Many of these public spaces remain, but they are no longer centers for political discussion and action.
Eight years of left-wing rule had seen corruption soar as the political elite used its contacts to enrich itself.
With cash ruled out, ministries and other grace-and-favour appointments were left as the main political currency.
Denying the political dimensions of higher education is impossible, on both a practical and theoretical level.
We need to find other ways to provide a political counterweight.
In the past few days, we've heard a lot of talk about the potential impact of vitriolic political speech on the perpetrator.
Emphasis in political participation, broadly defined.
The freshman and national surveys both asked people to place themselves in one of five categories along the political spectrum.
News and features with political columnists and presidential politics coverage.
However, she was concerned that it could spread if the country's political situation was not quickly resolved.
Treasury yields are near all-time lows, despite all that political nonsense.
In strictly political terms, the particular reforms may matter less than the narrative they support.
But when it comes to housing, there may be no safe political ground.
All this, of course, as opposed to arranging a way to keep things running while they worked out their political disputes.
If lawmakers follow their own political interests, they'll fund the government.
It reflects obvious contempt for the political-speech rights of people and groups the candidates aim to govern.
Fiction writers read favorite stories, author interviews, a weekly political roundtable.
To voters who identify strongly with a political party, the undecided voter is almost an alien life form.
Not according to many big-name political pundits and political strategists.
What is different now is the evolution of a new political organism, with paranoia as its animating principle.
Then she meets a group who take political ideas seriously.
He is not about to stand against the political gale.
It describes a coherence of intention and action, an ethic of political responsibility.
Most political writers are satisfied to graze a little in the unreadable tracts turned out by or for our political figures.
The personal and the political are today in perfect alignment.
Nevertheless, he forged important political connections.
The first stages of a political implosion are equal parts theater, sport, and fantasy.
Luckily, the climate-both meteorological and political-that helps drive funding for this kind of work is beginning to change.
Our political system revolves around the ignorance of the populace.
Our political and economic system has too much hardwired instability to deliver a suitable environment.
The video was a highly curated, produced and packaged political statement.
The current political climate is not conducive to having scientific arguments heard before political decisions are made.
Given today's political climate and the lack of a coherent energy policy around the world, it might truly take a miracle.
As the energy debate rages in political and scientific circles, investment in clean energy technologies continues to rise.
For example, ignorance on many topics often peaks among political moderates.
It's of far broader political and cultural significance.
Psychologists and political scientists talk often of a phenomenon known as motivated skepticism.
One is the size of the electorate, a factor that political scientists already recognized.
Two party leaders have to cooperate in a coalition government, despite their political differences.
And as noted in the paper they were looking at the social dimension of political ideology.
When a politician is shot, people will draw political conclusions.
One cannot have a religious belief, or lack thereof, without it either being a political stance or perceived as one.
Please take your poorly disguised political views to a political website.
By the time the droughts kicked in, the city was already weakened by social, economic and political strife.
In fact, science is politicized and manipulated by both political parties.
It's what politicians do in order to achieve political ends.
The political left is arguing from a reasonable, defensible standpoint.
Even as the state modernized, established political patterns continued.
Political cartoons are unlike any other form of political commentary.
There have been several famous political cartoonists who got across their message through illustration and humor.
Political geographers are concerned with the relationship of geography to political phenomena.

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