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The factory superintendent nodded politely and led them into a large building with peeling gray stucco walls.
Within seconds, he's peppering the driver-politely but insistently-with questions.
Any and all requests for boxing matches, meanwhile, will be politely declined.
They will listen politely and forget the whole matter before they log onto the computer to write their next term papers.
People either throw up their hands in horror or shudder politely.
He politely turned down my prescription for a bone-strengthening drug, certain it would upset his stomach horribly.
He's intelligent, he can only act politely, and he's an excellent means to boost the show's viewer rating.
And that doesn't simply mean to politely grow mute while your adversary talks.
That's a fair question, and not at all obnoxious if phrased politely.
If it's orally requested, politely suggest your reluctance to do so.
The other kids sat quietly and politely on their hands.
Characters don't speak over each other's lines, but politely wait their turn.
If they offer to contact you, politely ask when you should expect the call.
Arrive early at the gate and politely request an upgraded seat.
He responds politely to challenges during the question-and-answer period.
Ask politely if there is anything they can to do put you in a more comfortable seat and see what you get.
Until recently, investigators politely had to give notice the day before raiding premises.
The first few are politely ignored, but at last the phone's owner excuses himself and reads closely.
The moment arrived, the pair were introduced, and the queen politely greeted her deputy prime minister in a suddenly tiny voice.
The two smile politely but disbelievingly-incredulous that what is a small fortune by local standards might be within their grasp.
He merely stood and watched his father while clapping politely.
It's round two, and our distinguished debaters are once again politely slugging each other on the jaw.
Others listened politely, but without wild enthusiasm.
Visitors are politely told to direct fluids into a hose leading downhill to a creek.
His crush on a popular senior is being politely but firmly rejected.
He looks uncomfortable, even vaguely appalled and extricates himself as politely as he can.
Except for personal questions, which he answered politely but without detail.
Although he pulled out and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the teller, the robber politely demanded cash.
If something needs to be clarified, wait until it is your turn to speak or politely ask to speak again.
Both require full sun to bloom to their full potential and they politely take turns in the garden.
Even after hours the phone was answered right away and politely.
Ability to calmly, politely and firmly handle unsolicited communications from disturbed individuals.
Politely let family members, friends, and others know that you don't want to be around their secondhand smoke.
Unsuspecting renters or home buyers may be politely turned away from the housing of their choice, even though they are qualified.
Same thing-politely explain how their actions are damaging an irreplaceable treasure.
She politely listens to the same poem that she hears a few times a day.
If you feel the reason is vague or unclear, politely ask the officer for details.
If you are turned down, keep asking--politely, but persistently.
They must be able to size up what a customer wants or needs quickly and politely, using their knowledge of the merchandise.
If visitors are not potential customers, politely thank them for their time and see them on their way.

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